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  1. Library Resource
    February, 2002

    This Act is enacted for the purposes of regulating expropriation of land, ensuring reasonable land use, safeguarding private properties and promoting public interest.

  2. Library Resource
    September, 2006

    These Regulations, consisting of 17 articles, are enacted in accordance with the Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, aiming to strengthen the management of land resources in the Yili River Basin, rationally develop and use land, protect and improve the ecological environment, and achieve sustainable development.The land development of the Yili River Basin refers to the activities of scientific, rational and effective exploitation and business operation of the undeveloped land in the Yili River Baisin.

  3. Library Resource
    November, 2017

    This Order of the Cabinet Secretary implements provisions of the Land Registration Act in respect to the establishment and operation of land registration units as constituted under section 6 (l) of the Act. The Cabinet Secretary establishes registration units as set out in the First Schedule.

  4. Library Resource
    Namibia, Southern Africa, Africa

    This Act makes provision for the registration of deeds relating to immovable property and the appointment of the Registrar of Deeds. It also provides rules for the alienation of land by the State, the manner of transfer of land in general and concerns rights in immovable property and related to leases. If the State alienates State land not previously registered in the name of any other person, then the State may transfer the ownership in the land to the transferee by means of a deed of grant issued in terms of proper authority.

  5. Library Resource
    Hungary, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The Land Parcel Identification System is the national identification system of exclusive state property, to be used in administrative procedures of area payments.

    Implements: Act No. XVII of 2007 on certain issues of procedures in relation to support for agricultural, rural development and fisheries and to other measures. (2015-07-03)
    Repeals: Decree No. 115 of 2003 (XI. 13.) FVM of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development concerning the Land Parcel Identification System. (2012-05-09)

  6. Library Resource
    Cover photo
    Reports & Research
    March, 2012

    In early 2008 the government of Tanzania through the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development –MLHHSD, initiated a project to develop a new city at Kigamboni area in Temeke district of Dar es Salaam region. The reasons behind the decision were many but the most important factor was that the move would provide solutions to mitigate the urbanization problems of Dar es Salaam and its environs.

  7. Library Resource

    Zakon o premjeru i katastru nekretnina.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law defines the provisions regarding the land survey and the public real estate cadastre, including various administrative and technical issues, procedural matters, data collection and registration, additional mapping rules and financial aspects and requirements.The Law is divided into IX Chapters and 212 article, including the offences and related penalties.

  8. Library Resource

    Zakon o registru zemljišta i prava na zemljištu.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law contains provisions on: contents of land books; cadastral survey; cadastral territorial units and their specific zoning; land sorting capability (including agricultural land evaluation); maintenance survey; process for the establishment, management and maintenance of national land register; and various other rules governing the rights and obligations of land tenure/land concession holders on the territory of the Brcko District (autonomous self-government part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

  9. Library Resource
    North Macedonia, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law prescribes all necessary standards, rules and procedures aimed to regulate the correct and sustainable management of the geodetic-cadastre of the Macedonian Republic, including the provisions governing the information system, the maintenance of the real estate cadastre, the establishment and maintenance of the cadastre of infrastructure objects as part of the real estate cadastre, the basic geodetic works, the geodetic works for special purposes, the real estate property survey performed in service of the real estate cadastre, the survey and the maintenance of the state borderline

  10. Library Resource
    Spain, Europe, Southern Europe

    La presente Ley modifica la Ley del Plan de Ordenación del Litoral, en aspectos que regulan las condiciones relativas a los desarrollos urbanísticos y cambios de uso en las áreas de ordenación.

    Enmienda: Ley Nº 2/2004 - Ley del Plan de Ordenación del Litoral. (2004-09-27)

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