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    February, 2012

    The present Regulations are made under the Land Registration Act. In particular, the Act provides for the efficient and correct enactment of the afore-mentioned Act. The text – consisting of 13 sections – deals, inter alia, with the following aspects: designation of counties, establishment of registration districts, registration regions, location of land registration offices, fees, fees exemption.

    Implements: Land Registration Act (S.N.S. 2001, c. 6). (2011)
    Repeals: Land Registration General Regulations (N.S. Reg. 157/2002). (2008-03-31)

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    An Act respecting conservation easements.

    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    The present Act lays down provisions relating to the process for landowners and conservation organizations to protect private lands through conservation easements. For the pupose of the present Act a «a conservation easement» is the result of an agreement between a private landowner and a designated conservation organization. The easement places restrictions on the land for conservation purposes. The text consists of 18 sections.

    Implemented by: Designation of Eligible Bodies Regulations (N.S. Reg. 12/2002). (2009-02-25)

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    The present Regulations are made under the Conservation Easement Act. In particular, the Regulations lay down provisions relating to the designation of eligible bodies. Section 4 establishes that if the Minister is satisfied that an organization complies with the present Regulations, the Minister may approve the application and recommend to the Governor in Council that the organization be designated and that its name be added to Schedule “A”. The text consists of 5 sections and 1 Schedule.

    Implements: Conservation Easements Act (S.N.S. 2001, c. 28). (2012)

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