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    January, 1997

    The relations in the sphere of the rights to use pastures on the territory of the Kyrghyz Republic shall be regulated by this Law, the Forest, Water and Land Codes, laws on lease and lease relations, protection of the nature, flora and fauna, atmospheric air and other legislation of the Kyrghyz Republic. The subjects for the utilization of pastures shall be juridical and natural persons. The objects shall be certain areas of pastures. The pasture areas shall have locations and boundaries both on the map and on the ground.

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    May, 2014

    This Decree, consisting of 103 articles divided into ten Chapters, details a number articles and clauses of Land Law No. 45/2013/QHB. Other decrees of the Government shall detail a number of articles and clauses of the Land Law concerning: compensation, support, resettlement; land prices; collection of land use levy; collection of land and water surface rentals; and sanctioning of land-related administrative violations. The subjects of application are: 1.

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    July, 2006

    The purpose of these Measures is to timely and properly handle grassland disputes and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers and herdsmen. The Measures consists of 20 Articles.Grazing land use rights and management rights shall be protected by law. The local people's government, the villager committee are responsible for the grazing land dispute mediation and handling. Article 6 provides for the documents and materials which are the basis for mediation and settlement of grazing land disputes.

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    November, 2014

    This Decision, consisting of 24 articles divided into five Chapters, applies to the payment of compensations, support and resettlement of people in areas under the following projects: a) Irrigation and hydropower projects prescribed in Clause 1, Article 87 of the 2013 Land Law; b) Projects approved by the Prime Minister, including hydropower projects proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and irrigation projects proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; c) Irrigation and hydropower projects prescribed at Point a of this Clause, which are funded with ODA but not

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    November, 2009

    The purpose of these Provisions is for regulating the administrative reconsideration on land and resources, further exerting the role of the administrative reconsideration system in tackling the administrative disputes over land and resources and resolving social contradictions and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations.

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    May, 1980

    The present Regulation enforces the Law on Assignment and Reclamation of Lands in the Islamic Republic of Iran’. In particular, all lands in possession of the government and natural resources land is transferable except for grasslands, forests, national parks and lands of nomad’s migration. The Committee may transfer the lands which are abandoned for five years without any reasonable justification.

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    April, 2016

    This Act may be cited as the Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) (Amendment) (No. 3) Law of 2016 and shall be read together with the Immovable Property (Tenure, Registration and Valuation) Law. Amendments deal with adminstrative and legal proceedings for land leasing. Article 2 of the basic law is amended by adding the following new terms and definitions of "government settlement".

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    December, 2009

    These Rules are enacted in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Arbitration of Rural Land Contracting Disputes, aiming to improve the arbitration of rural land contracting disputes.

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    July, 2014

    This Law prescribes for the land ownership, powers and responsibilities of the State in representing the entire-people ownership of land and uniformly managing land, the land management and use regimes, and the rights and obligations of land users over the land in the territory of Vietnam. The persons taking responsibility before the State for land use are: 1. The head of an organization, a foreign organization with diplomatic functions, or a foreign invested enterprise, is responsible for the land use by his/her organization. 2.

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