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    February, 2002

    This Act is enacted for the purposes of regulating expropriation of land, ensuring reasonable land use, safeguarding private properties and promoting public interest. Land expropriation shall be governed by this Act.To establish any of the undertakings for public interest purpose as prescribed in Article 3, the State may expropriate private land.

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    November, 2000

    The purpose of these Regulations is to ensure the implementation of laws and regulations on land administration, violations, maintain and supervise powers of the administrative department of land and resources to exercise land management according to law.The Text, consisting of 46 Articles, provides for the land supervision duties of the competent administrative departments of land and resources and measures for performing such duties, the jurisdiction, investigation and punishment of illegal land use cases, and land supervision safeguards.

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    May, 2017

    The purpose of these Provisions is to standardize the administrative response to litigation of land and resources, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations. The Measures contain 37 Articles.The Provisions govern the land and resources competent authorities' activities of participating in administrative proceedings according to law. Article 14 provides for the circumstances where the officers in charge of the land and resources competent authorites shall appear in court to respond.

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    May, 2007

    These Regulations are enacted in order to protect the drinking water source environment in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, prevent pollution of water, ensure the safety of urban drinking water source and public health, and promote the sustainable development of economy and society. The Text consists of 38 Articles divided into 8 Chapters: General Provisions; Urban and Rural Planning Committee; Urban and Rural Planning; Review and Approval of Urban and Rural Planning; Implementation of Urban and Rural Planning; Supervision and Inspection; Liabilities; Supplementary Provisions.

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    February, 1995

    These Regulations are enacted in order to promote the development of rural forestry and give full play to the role of forest and woodland resources in rural economic construction in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. The Text consists of 45 Articles.The Regulations make provisions for: forest and woodland ownership and rights; resource management; production and operation; forestry workstation construction; measures for inspection and liabilities, etc. The rural woodland shall be collectively owned by the township and village peasants.

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    November, 2007

    These Measures are formulated for the purpose of perfecting the land reserve system, strengthening land regulation and control, regulating the operation of land market, enhancing the saving and intensive utilization of land and improving the capability for guaranteeing the land used for building.

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