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    December, 2016

    Item 4.9 shall be amended to add the following wording: “National budget shall finance mapping of the boundaries of land plots allotted to peasant farms for family farming, legalization of rights to agricultural land plots and bonus payment to purchase prices applicable for purchase of agricultural commodities form smallholders”.

    Amends: Decree No. 16 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food validating the Instruction on financing out of national budget agricultural production, fishfarming and processing of agricultural commodities. (2016-04-29)

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    July, 2016

    Item 6 shall be amended to add the following wording: “State bodies (other state institutions) managing protected areas shall submit protection areas management plant to public hearing”.

    Amends: Decree No. 94 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection regarding some issues of management of protected areas. (2008-10-29)

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    October, 2011
    Poland, Ukraine, Belarus

    The purpose of this Agreement is to create a transboundary biosphere reserve "West Polesie", consisting of three national biosphere reserves, and cooperation on protection and sustainable development of the region in conformity with UNESCO's "Man and the Biosphere" (MAB) program. The Parties shall promote cooperation in the field of protection and sustainable use of biological and landscape diversity of the transboundary biosphere reserve "Western Polesie”.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    May, 2013
    Tajikistan, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia

    The Parties shall cooperate in the following areas related to environmental protection: land protection and land tenure, protection of soil, subsoil, forests, water, air, ozone layer and climate, wild flora and wild fauna.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    June, 2010
    Azerbaijan, Belarus

    Cooperation shall be carried out in the following areas: (a) use of economic methods in nature management with the application of environmental audit; (b) rate setting, standardization, metrology and certification in the field of environmental protection; (c) environmental monitoring; (d) protection of atmospheric air; (e) protection of surface and groundwater; (f) protection of land; (g) protection of wild flora and wild fauna; (h) protection and development of protected natural areas; (i) exploration of mineral deposits with the application of environmental-friendly methods; (j) scientifi

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    September, 2016
    China, Belarus

    The Parties, in accordance with the legislation of the Parties, and within the limits of their competence, will cooperate in the following areas: (a) exchange of information, periodicals, methodical, scientific- technical literature, the results of scientific research, video, photo and other materials; (b) planning, developing and conducting of joint workshops, seminars, conferences, training courses, exercises, research projects and other activities; (c) organization of training of specialists in the educational institutions of the Parties, (d) exchange of trainees, specialists and other r

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    July, 2014

    The President, with a view of developing agro-industrial sector and improving mechanism for the provision of state support to the entities operating in the agro-industrial sector, decrees as follows: (a) state agrarian policy shall be aimed at providing incentives for raising efficiency in the agro-industrial sector based upon specialization of agricultural production, rational land tenure and state support of agro-industrial complex; and (b) the main objectives of the state agrarian policy shall be: raising competitiveness of agricultural commodities; formation of the efficient market of a

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    October, 2017

    The President, with a view of creating favorable conditions for the development of agro-ecotourism, improve living conditions of citizens in rural areas, small urban settlements and improvement of rural infrastructure, decrees that provision of services in the sphere of agro-ecotourism can be performed by natural persons permanently residing in single-family residential house or in a townhouse in rural areas or small urban areas, manufacturing agricultural commodities on agricultural land, or smallholders; or agricultural organizations.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    September, 2006
    Venezuela, Belarus

    The Parties have agreed to exchange experience and knowledge in territorial (land-use) planning in residential urban areas. Cooperation shall regard some cities in the Northern and Central parts of Venezuela and some suburban areas of Caracas.

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    Belarus, Eastern Europe, Europe

    This Ministerial Decree establishes that land shall be classified by categories according to Land Code. The classification shall be as follows: (a) arable land; (b) long-fallow land; (c) land under perennial cover; (d) meadow land; (d) forest land; (e) land under plantations and shrubbery not pertaining to forest estate; (f) marsh land; (g) urban land; (h) land of waterbodies; (j) disturbed land; (k) unused land; and (l) unclassified land. Classification of land by categories shall be the primary task of the state land cadastre.

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