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    September, 2017

    The present Act introduces some amendments to the Building Act of 11 December 2008. In particular, the Act amends article 66 dealing with innovative snow makers and snow making facilities. The article establishes that snowmaking may only be carried out on frozen ground and operation of the system must not result in excessive or negligible interference with neighbors. Chemical and biological additives are prohibited. The operation of the snowmaking system must not interfere with the ecology and water balance, especially with regard to water supply.

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    May, 2017

    The present Act introduces some amendments to the Fertilizer Act of 9 January 2009. In particular, the Act adds article 3 on National action programme concerning protection of water-bodies against nitrate pollution; participation of the public. Furthermore, the Ordinance adds article 11a on Handling of nutrients in enterprises, management of nutrients; article 13a on Quality management. The text consists of 3 articles.

    Amends: Fertilizer Act. (2015-08-31)

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