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    July, 1942
    Sierra Leone

    Ordinance to enable the Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral in the United Kingdom, the Secretary of State for War and the Secretary of State for Air severally to acquire Land in the Colony of Sierra Leone for the purposes of Defence.

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    December, 1991

    The Act regulates simplified procedure for proving unlawfulness of expropriation of property in Estonia. If a natural person having been the owner of property was forced to abandon his or her property during the period between 16 June 1940 and 1 January 1954 due to escaping from his or her place of residence or the location of property or in connection with refusing to return to Estonia while staying abroad, the property must be deemed to be abandoned due to a real danger of repression.

  3. Library Resource
    September, 2004

    The objects of this Act, consisting of 233 sections divided into twelve Chapters and completed by four Schedules, include assisting in the achievement of ecologically sustainable development in the State by establishing an integrated scheme to promote the use and management of natural resources in a manner that recognises and protects the intrinsic values of natural resources; seeks to protect biological diversity and, insofar as is reasonably practicable, to support and encourage the restoration or rehabilitation of ecological systems and processes that have been lost or degraded; provides

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    August, 2015

    This Act makes provision with respect to planning management and administration and the system and procedures for planning.

  5. Library Resource
    May, 2017
    Cayman Islands

    This Law amends the Registered Land Law with respect to plans and procedures for subdivision of land. The Act also amends the principal Act in Part V by deleting the heading “Division 5 - Easements, Restrictive Agreements, Profits and Licences” and substituting the following heading “Division 5 - Easements, Positive and Restrictive Covenants, Profits and Licences” and by replacing section 93 on validity and enforcement of registered positive covenants and restrictive covenants.

    Amends: Registered Land Law (2004 Revision). (2003)

  6. Library Resource
    January, 2013

    The Act, consisting of 42 sections divided into and completed by one Schedule, provides for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment, including the prevention and control of pollution, and promotion of sustainable development. It extends to the whole Province of Balochistan except Tribal Areas. The Act establishes the following obligations: Prohibition of import of hazardous and electronic Wastes; Solid and Waste Management License; Water Resources Management; Motor vehicles; Alien Species and Living Modified Organisms.

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    January, 2016

    The present Regulation is made under the Land Titles Act, 2015. In particular, the Regulation provides for the correct and efficient enforcement of the aforementioned Act. Section 2 establishes that the present Regulation applies in respect of the following plans: a) an air space plan; b) a condominium plan; c) an explanatory plan; d) a plan of subdivision; e) a sketch; f) a compiled plan; and g) any other plan of survey.

  8. Library Resource
    October, 1991
    United Kingdom

    This Act defines the powers and functions of the Manx Utilities Authority as established by article 4 of the Transfer of Functions (Manx Utilities Authority) Order 2014 and the Department of Infrastructure, and provides with respect to collection and distribution of water in the Isle of Man. Some provisions concern water pollution. The Authority shall comply with such directions regarding the exercise of its functions as may be given by the Department.

  9. Library Resource
    December, 2016

    This Act amends the Sugar Industry Efficiency Act 2001 in various sections relating to, among other things: definitions, conversion of land in case of sale of land to the Government, ensuring the quality of sugar products produced under this Act (and quality control including HACCP), other matters regrading conversion of agricultural land in land used for other purposes.

  10. Library Resource
    August, 1996

    Cette loi fixe le cadre juridique général et les principes fondamentaux de la gestion de l'environnement au Cameroun. Les principes fondamentaux sont ceux de prévention, de précaution, le principe pollueur-payeur et celui de responsabilité, le principe de participation et celui de subsidiarité des normes coutumières en absence d'une règle de droit écrit. Les ressources naturelles et d'une manière générale l'environnement font partie du patrimoine commun de la Nation.

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