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    January, 1996
    South Africa

    These Regulations, made by the Member of the Executive Council of the Province of Gauteng under 27 the Development Facilitation Act, 1995, provide procedural rules relative to the setting and reviewing land development objectives for each local government area in the Gauteng Province under supervision of the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) as provide for by Chapter IV of the Act.

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    December, 2017

    The Resolution lays down health rules for animal products, animal waste and by-products not intended for human consumption, and rules for certification of business operators dealing with such products.

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    February, 2007

    This Regulation determines the manner for carrying out the necessary inventory and surveys over the areas (if present on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria) with polluted soil, defining the mandatory restoration measures, including the implementation and maintenance of such restoration measures.These rules will not apply to areas that are covered by programmes for elimination of environmental damage under the terms of other more specific documents (see article 1, paragraph 2).Major purpose of this text is to offer direct provisions aimed to set the inventory and field surveys that sh

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    March, 2015

    This Regulation, consisting of 4 sections and completed by one Schedule, regulates the registration of titles to lands. It specifies the Authorised entity for Act, pt 8A—Act, s 69B (d) and necessary Information about certain transactions and instruments—purchaser’s proof of identity—Act, s 178B (2) (k). Schedule deals with the Identification of documents.

    Implements: Land Titles Act 1925. (2018-02-28)

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    March, 2016

    This Regional Decree establishes the modalities of performance of municipal land control by local government. Municipal land control shall be conducted in the form of ordinary and extraordinary inspections of legal persona and individual entrepreneurs. The subject of inspection shall be checking data and information contained in the documentation related to land tenure. The scope of inspection shall be to control compliance by land tenant with compulsory legislative requirements related to land tenure. Municipal land control shall be performed in accordance with the annual plans.

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    October, 2016

    Le présent décret modifie les statuts de l'établissement public foncier de Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur pour tenir compte de la création de la métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence au 1er janvier 2016, qui couvre notamment le territoire de quatre communautés auxquelles elle se substitue au conseil d'administration de l'établissement. La métropole comptera ainsi quatre représentants, en remplacement de celui de la communauté urbaine de Marseille-Provence-Métropole et des trois communautés d'agglomération i) du Pays d'Aix, ii) de Salon-Etang de Berre-Durance et iii) du Pays d'Aubagne.

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    October, 2017

    La presente Resolución imparten orientaciones para remitir a la Subdirección de Seguridad Jurídica o a las Unidades de Gestión Territorial por delegación del Director General, los expedientes de procesos y procedimientos iniciados en diversos municipios por demanda, y en los cuales se están realizando intervenciones catastrales bajo la metodología de levantamiento predial del catastro multipropósito, en el marco de la elaboración de planes de ordenamiento social de la propiedad rural.

    Implementa: Decreto Nº 2.363 - Crea la Agencia Nacional de Tierras (ANT). (2015-12-07)

  8. Library Resource
    June, 2017

    These Regulations, made by the Minister under sections 117(2A) and 162 of the Local Government Act, amend the Local Government (Exemption from Building and Land Use Permit) Regulations 2015 in the Schedule to the principal regulations by deleting the words “(Individual)”, “(Self-employed)” and “(Individual/Homebased)” wherever they appear. The Schedule sets out "classified trade", which are generally exempted from applying for a Building and Land Use Permit.

    Amends: Local Government (Exemption from Building and Land Use Permit) Regulations (GN No. 250 of 2015). (2015-12-21)

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