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    Reports & Research
    December, 1999

    This study examined the socio-economic consequences of land registration In
    Tongaren Division, Bungoma District. It was designed to assess how land registration has
    impacted on food security, income, gender parity in the ownership of land and, on
    kinship ties and social relations. The study was hinged on the premise that land tenure
    reform program in Tongaren division has not lived up to its promises. It was justified to
    carry out this study on the grounds that land is the matrix of life of many people in this

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    June, 1999
    Ghana, Africa

    In Ghana, over the years considerable amount of valuable environmental information (geospatial information included) have been collected in various forms and in different depths by government ministries, departments and agencies. A distributing feature of the availability of this information is the lack of general awareness of the existence of this valuable resource in repository agencies. Where they are known to exist, they are poorly stored or scattered in various places and mostly out of date.

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    National Policies
    March, 1999

    La présente stratégie s’inscrit dans le cadre de la Convention Internationale sur la Diversité Biologique. Les objectifs de la stratégie sont de deux ordres, l’un de développement dont l’essence est la recherche de la sécurité alimentaire, et l’autre spécifique pour pallier cette recherche de la productivité avec la gestion rationnelle des ressources.

  4. Library Resource
    January, 2000

    Soil conservation measures are prescribed and recommendations are given for the conservation of: (a) lowlands and flat areas and land sloping in various degrees, pasture lands and range lands. Measures are required for the environmentally sound production of food, wood, and other commodities based on sustainable use of land, species and ecosystem. In most areas of Uganda the combination of several conservation practices are recommended and packages will depend on area and crops, livestock and tree species on the land. Measures regard land moving works and cultivation/agro-forestry.

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