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    March, 2012

    Municipalities in Mozambique were
    established by law in 1997 and elected in 1998 for the first
    time, only a few years after the peace agreement. Most
    inherited archaic and dysfunctional remnants of colonial and
    central government systems and infrastructure, and as such
    limited progress was achieved in transforming them into
    functioning local governments during the first mandate
    (1998-2002). During the second mandate (2003-2008), however,

  2. Library Resource
    March, 2012

    The objective of this study on the
    Development of 13 Mozambican Municipalities in Central and
    Northern Mozambique is to assess the impact that the 2008
    reforms on own-source revenues is having on the municipal
    revenue potential. To do so, it calculates the revenue
    potential of four fiscal and three non-fiscal revenue
    sources. The analysis shows that there is substantial
    untapped revenue potential at the municipal level, with

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