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    Uganda, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act amends the Land Act with respect to a wide variety of matters including: Commissioner for Land Registration, organization and procedures of District Land Tribunals, annual nominal ground rent for tenancy, security of occupancy and protection of family (farm) land, restrictions on transfer of family land, and establishment of Land Committees. New sections concern, among other things: establishment of the office of the Registrar of the District Land Tribunals, registration of District Land Tribunals and supervisory powers over land tribunals.

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    An Act to amend the Land Act to enhance the security of occupancy of lawful and bona fide occupants on registered land in accordance with article 237 of the Constitution, and for related matters.

    Uganda, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act amends the Land Act by inserting a new section (32A). It also amends sections 31, 35, 59, and 92. Section 32A provides that a lawful or bona fide occupant shall not be evicted from registered land except upon an order of eviction issued by a court and only for non-payment of the annual nominal ground rent. Section 92 is consequentially amended. Section 59 concerns functions of district land boards and declares transactions or allocation of land carried out by a board to be null and void if in contravention with specified provisions.

    Amends: Land Act (Cap. 227). (2000-12)

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    Uganda, Africa, Eastern Africa

    These Regulations, made by the Minister of Works, Housing and Communications under section 56 of the Condominium Property Act 2001, implement provisions of the Act concerning, among other things, to: registration of condominium plans; subdivision and consolidation of units; the cancellation of condominium plans; and execution and verification of instruments under the Act in accordance with the Registration of Titles Act. The Regulations also prescribe forms for purposes of the Act.

    Amended by: Condominium Property (Amendment) Regulations, 2012 (S.I. No. 3 of 2012). (2012)

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    An Act relating to the transfer of land and registration of titles.

    Uganda, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act makes provision with respect to the registration of and certification and rectification of titles respecting land. It also provides rules relative to lease of land and other matters regarding land such as mortgage and legal actions regarding land and the bringing of land under this Act. Certificates of title shall be in one of the forms in the Third Schedule to this Act.

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    An Act relating to land in Buganda (Provisional Certificates).

    Uganda, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Act requires copies of provisional certificates of claims issued under the Uganda Agreement, 1900 to land owners in Buganda to be filed in the Department of Lands and Surveys of the Government and enhances search and examination by applicants of such copies.

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