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    Reforming Land Administration and Management for Equitable Growth and Social Cohesion

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    March, 2010
    Madagascar, Africa

    A well-functioning land administration and management system is crucial for Madagascar's economic and social future. Land is implicated in Madagascar's ongoing economic development and social transformation in many important ways, as key a factor in its quest for economic growth, urbanization, transparent decision-making on land-related foreign investments, environment protection, vibrant and sustainable rural communities, political stability, and social cohesion.

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    August, 2013

    The report provides a synthesis of the
    main results obtained on the evolution of poverty, and other
    indicators of well being over the 1990s, and is intended to
    facilitate debate on strategy options for poverty reduction
    in Madagascar. Section I provides the setting for study, and
    presents a synthesis of macroeconomic trends in the country
    during the last decade. Section II looks at the evolution of
    poverty, inequality, and other indicators over the 1993-1999

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    March, 2013

    This report examines the question of
    land titling in Madagascar, a country where modern and
    informal tenure systems coexist and overlap to a significant
    extent. The report reviews three main arguments for land
    titling and their relevance for Madagascar in order to
    provide policy implications and evaluations. The first is
    that land titling serves as protection against
    expropriation. Second, titles may also facilitate land

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