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    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Order sets regulations concerning the electronic registration of planning via PlansystemDK, which is a national digital system and register containing proposals of adopted plannings that are provided in accordance with the Planning Act and plans covered by the Act's article 54b, section 6. In PlansystemDK plannings are made available and can be accessed at All information must be submitted to this portal no later than 30 June 2014.

    Implements: Planning Act (No. 587 of 2013). (2013-05-27)

  2. Library Resource
    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    The Act makes amendments to Nature Conservation Act (insertion after article 17, section 2, No. 2) with regard to the establishment of additional testing opportunities for free municipalities - specifically areas as part of free municipality testing to be regulated by local planning.

    Amends: Nature Conservation Act (No. 933 of 2009). (2009-09-24)

  3. Library Resource
    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    The Order amends article 4 by replacing 'water plan' to 'regional planning guidelines which in 1 January 2007 legally become national plan," with reference to the regional guidelines.

    Amends: Order No. 892 on buffer zones (ecotones). (2012-08-29)

  4. Library Resource
    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Order applies to the water planning for 2010-2015 which covers rivers and lakes, and which has as its purpose the adherence to environmental targets related to water-course planning. Water buffers established before 1 September 2012 along rivers and lakes in areas mentioned in the Act of Water courses listed under article 69 (sect. 1) and which are utilized for soil cultivation, planting, terrain modification and placement of fences, may continue to be harvested.

    Implements: Act on water-courses (No. 927 of 2009). (2009-09-24)

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