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    Greece, Europe, Southern Europe

    The Decree aims at implementing article 12 (paragraphs 2, 3 and 4) of Law No. 1650/86 and also aims at harmonizing the Greek legislative framework with the provisions of Council Directive 87/101/EEC on the disposal of waste oils so as to improve the efficiency of waste oil collection and to take more stringent measures for the purpose of environmental protection (article 1). The Decree lays down the necessary measures to ensure the safe collection and disposal of waste oils.

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    Greece, Europe, Southern Europe

    The exact description and delimitation of habitat types are an important tool and a basic condition for the protection and effective management of the natural environment and biodiversity in Greece. It is also a bounding obligation towards the competent EU bodies. Previously registered habitats (period 1999−2001) concerned in total 237 land areas totaling roughly 2 millions hectares of land. This work was the first and only mapping of habitat types in protected areas, resulting in the production of thematic maps (habitat type maps).

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    Greece, Europe, Southern Europe

    The Degree, aiming at a better protection of waters and water basins from nitrate pollution, completes paragraphs a and b, article 2 of Ministerial Joint Decree No. 19652/1906/1999, as amended by Ministerial Joint Decree No. 20419/2522 of 2001, by adding to the Catalogue of vulnerable zones, the Asopos river basin, in the region of Boeotia. The delimitation of area is delimited on a map attached to this Decree.

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    December, 1975

    Parliament approved the constitution before it was signed by the Speaker and published by the President in the government gazette.

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    Νόμος υπ’ αριθ. 4070. Ρυθμίσεις Ηλεκτρονικών Επικοινωνιών, Μεταφορών, Δημοσίων Έργων και άλλες διατάξεις.

    Greece, Europe, Southern Europe

    The law, apart from the provisions of the law regulating matters on electronic communications, transport and public works, with Chapter D (art. 123-132) brings forth extensive amendments throughout the text of the Code on expropriation of immovable property.

    Amends: Law No. 2882 bringing forth the Code on expropriation of immovable property. (2001-02-02)

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    Νόμος υπ’ αριθ. 2882. Κώδικας αναγκαστικών απαλλοτριώσεων ακινήτων.

    Greece, Europe, Southern Europe

    The law brings forth the Code of compulsory acquisition (expropriation) of immovable property. It consists of two articles (ratification of the Code and entry into force). The Code sets out: the rules and conditions under which the Government may expropriate a person's ownership or other rights in or to immovable property for public purposes (Chapter A, art. 1-6); the procedures governing the conduct of the act of expropriation(Chapter B, art. 7-10); the conditions for cancellation or revocation of compulsory acquisition (Chapter C, art.

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