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    Reports & Research
    December, 2009
    Burkina Faso, Honduras, Mozambique, Chile, Mali, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Laos, Ghana, Venezuela, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Pakistan, Niger, Rwanda, Liberia, Philippines, Madagascar, Eswatini, Kenya, Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern America

    Document de travail sur les régimes fonciers 11. Cette publication conjointe entre la FAO et UN-HABITAT cherche à améliorer et à mieux définir les processus, mécanismes et institutions de gouvernance foncières dans les zones rurales et urbaines. Ce document, tout en soulignant l’excellence des politiques, législations et réformes techniques foncières, en termes d’élaboration, relève toutefois un certain nombre de problèmes de mise en œuvre, en constatant des glissements, des interruptions, voire même des inversions.

  2. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2003
    France, Switzerland, United States of America, Fiji, Afghanistan, Samoa, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Australia, Jamaica, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Laos, Japan, Uganda, Italy, Ecuador, Cambodia, India
  3. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2012
    Indonesia, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Laos, Ghana, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Asia, Africa

    In order to check and promote the positive synergies between private companies and rural households, an analysis of past and ongoing experiences of contract farming is required. It represents the main objective of this report. The objectives of this study are to: describe the effects of contract farming schemes, characterize the factors limiting or promoting these various impacts, identify key findings to promote the emergence of positive synergies.

  4. Library Resource
    Laos, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    The Regulation establishes certain conditions and criteria for the transfer of the ownership or right of use of land, houses, vehicles and household equipment. Further provisions concern the determination of the selling prices, the rights and obligations of purchasers, lessees or successors.

    Implements: Decree of the Prime Minister relating to the transformation of State land use right and ownership on houses, vehicles and essential household equipment into Government personnel ownership and use right. (1994-11-12)

  5. Library Resource
    Laos, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    The present Decree concerns the transfer of State ownership and right of use on land, houses, vehicles and household equipment to the Government cadres and personnel. Certain land use rights, houses, vehicles and household equipment that had already been used by cadres and personnel shall be transformed into absolute ownership and right of use, upon payment on sale either in full or in long-term instalments. State houses or lands which are not covered by said procedure might be rented to cadres and personnel at a rate to be determined by the Government.

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