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    January, 2014

    This paper examines and discusses issues concerning the smallholder teak forestry in taungya style in southern Laos. The Provincial department of Agriculture and Forestry of Champasack Province introduced teak forestry for two reasons; poverty reduction and reforestation. We have conducted surveys in a rural village which has typical features of population size and ethnic. Questionnaire survey and field survey with GPS were conducted to collect household-level information and to produce an accurate land-use map respectively.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2013

    Agricultural practices should modify the diversity of soil microbes. However, the precise relationships between soil properties and microbial diversity are poorly known. Here, we study the effect of agricultural management on soil microbial diversity and C turnover in tropical grassland of north-eastern Laos. Three years after native grassland conversion into agricultural land, we compared soils from five land use management systems: one till versus two no-till rotational cropping systems, one no-till improved pasture and the natural grassland.

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