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    July, 2016

    The Resolution creates the authority of the agency granting the recognition of ownership of agricultural/non-agricultural land to persons, entities and other formations which are in a legitimate possession (use) of the land or arbitrarily occupy the land. The document further specifies the procedure to gain such recognition and adopts certificate forms proving the same. It consists of three annexes: Rules for recognizing ownership of land in possession (use) of individuals and private entities (Annex No. 1); and Certificates of recognition of ownership (Annex No. 2 and Annex. 3). Annex No.

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    January, 2011

    The regulation establishes privatization prices for state-owned agricultural land according to categories (broken down for each municipality of Georgia); and annual use fee for the state-owned agricultural land that may not be privatized (broken down into the following categories: pasture land, and pasture land in Akhmeta and Dedoplistskaro municipalities) (2 annexes).

    Implements: Law No. 3512-bc “On public property”. (2014-05-29)

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    National Policies
    January, 2010

    This Strategy envisages a sustainable agriculture that is both feasible and capable of achieving food security, competitive in local and foreign markets through optimal use of resources as part of a comprehensive development. To realize this Vision and achieve the overall goal of improving the lives of farmers, herders and anglers in Palestine, the Ministry of Agriculture developed this Shared Vision Strategy for the Agricultural Sector.

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    October, 2016

    This Regulation aims at efficient use of renewable energy sources (i) by allocation of public and private lands to investors for large scale renewable energy sources, (ii) by producing high technology equipment used in electricity generation from renewable energy sources, and (iii) by contributing to the procurement of technology transfer.

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    Iran, Western Asia, Asia, Southern Asia

    The purpose of this Law, which consists of 8 articles, is to prohibit any changes in land use of farms and gardens outside the limit of cities. The Act states that the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development shall decrease urban development to the farms and gardens surrounding the cities and minimize changes in land use of farms and gardens inside urban areas.

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    Iran, Western Asia, Asia, Southern Asia

    After the Revolution, in 1979, the Government authorized farmers to temporarily farm in some abandoned lands. The Regulation, which consists of 31 articles, aims to transfer the ownership of these lands to the farmers in return of monthly installment of the land’s actual value. Accordingly, the Regulation provides details of the process to grant ownership. The eligible farmers to receive ownership, as well as the actual price of each land, should be determined by a specified committee.

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    February, 2012
    Syrian Arab Republic, Western Asia

    Repeals: Constitution of the Syrian Arab Republic. (1973-03-13)

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    Iran, Western Asia, Asia, Southern Asia

    The purpose of this Act is to regulate general principles governing the limits of ownership of lands by individuals in the country. In particular, no one may own more than a certain amount of land in the whole country. Any land in excess shall be seized by the Government and redistributed. Fruit and tea gardens, as well as agricultural land are exempt from this limitation. Abandoned land, wasteland and land exceeding the maximum permitted, are considered eligible for division and redistribution. According to the Act, farmers are considered as priority in land redistribution.

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