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    December, 1977
    Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, China, Tanzania, India, Australia, Canada, Tunisia, Venezuela, Malawi, Pakistan, Ghana

    A major problem facing the areas already under cultivation, is the seriousness of soil degradation and loss of soil fertility due to indiscriminate misuse of agricultural lands, forests and grazing lands. The modern thinking assigns to soil conservation a comprehensive and more positive role than in the past. in that sustained improvement complemented by the preservation of available resources should form the central concept. Soil conservation must not be limited solely to agricultural and grazing lands.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1977
    France, Nigeria, Spain, Zambia, Iraq, Australia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Jordan, Morocco, Syrian Arab Republic, Libya, Somalia, Madagascar, Tanzania, Botswana, Argentina, India, Sudan, Lebanon

    There is a urgent need for a better understanding of the risks of soil degradation and their geographical distribution as well as a better knowledge of where degradation occurs at present. it would be desirable to combine soil conservation activities with other elements for increasing crop production.Erosion, salinity and alkalinity and the loss of soil fertility seriously reduce the natural potential of soils to produce food fibres. During the meeting, many criteria to assess the various types of soil degradation were outlined by the experts.

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