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    December, 1990

    This Land Code is divided into the following Chapters: Fundamental provisions (1); Powers of local Soviets of People's Deputies and the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of regulation of land relationships (2); Possession and use (3); Withdrawal of lands (4); Land leasing (5); Cessation and transfer of the right of possession and right of use of land (6); Use of plots of land for survey work (7); Tax and rents on land (8); (Agricultural provisions), Basic provisions (9); Ownership of collective farms, State farms and other agricultural enterprises, institutions and organizations (10); lando

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    National Policies
    April, 1997

    The National Policy on Forests developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry is a nation-wide sectoral document for designating the complex of actions shaping relations between humankind and forests, with the aim of preserving the conditions for the indefinite maintenance of the multi-functionality of forests, their multi-faceted utility and protection and their role in the shaping of the natural environment, in line with the present and future expectations of society.

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    December, 1991

    The objective of land payment shall be to ensure through economic methods rational use of land, to form resources for carrying out measures of land organization, improvement of land quality and land conservation, as well as of social development of the territory. Issues related to establishment, the present Law, the Land Code, shall regulate collection and use of land payment and other legislative acts. Land payment shall be compulsory for all land owners, land users, including lessees, and land proprietors, except cases stipulated by the present Law and other legislative acts.

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    Eastern Europe, Europe, Northern Europe

    The questionnaire attached to Decision 1999/391/EC is replaced by the questionnaire attached to this Decision. The Member States shall use this questionnaire as a basis for drawing up the report to be submitted to the Commission pursuant to article 5 of Directive 91/692/EEC and article 16(3) of Directive 96/61/EC covering the period 2003 to 2005.

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    Eastern Europe, Europe, Northern Europe

    By virtue of this Decision, England, Scotland and Wales are granted a derogation for the purpose of allowing a higher amount of livestock manure than that provided for in the first sentence of the second subparagraph of paragraph 2 of Annex III to Directive 91/676/EEC, subject to the conditions prescribed by these provisions.

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    Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The registration of the documents (instructions and protocols) at revealing infringements of land legislation is carried out by the experts of the central subdivision of State Committee on Land ordering and its territorial branches, on which according to the position the accomplishments of the state control on utilization and protection of land are fixed and which are the state inspectors on use and protection of land.

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The following Amendments and Addenda shall be entered to the Instruction specified: (a) The small business entities - private businessmen and organizations to which the simplified procedure for taxation, accounting and reporting is applicable shall not be the land tax payers (Annex 1); (b) Subparagraph 1 of Clause 16 shall be supplemented with sentence of the following content: "Pursuant to Clause 1 of the Decree of Government of the Russian Federation No.

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    Eastern Europe, Europe, Northern Europe

    The aim of this Directive is the integrated prevention and control of pollution arising from the activities listed out in Annex I, such as energy industries, production of basic organic chemicals, waste management, production of pulp from timber, slaughtering and production of food products from animal or vegetable raw materials. This Directive lays down measures designed to prevent or reduce, as the case may be, emissions in the air, water and land from the activities aforementioned, in order to achieve a high level of the environment taken as a whole.

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    Russia, Tajikistan, Asia, Central Asia

    The present Law defines the legal basis for organization and activity of Dehkan farms in the Republic of Tajikistan. The Dehkan farm is an independent managing subject carrying out its activities being not a legal person and based on individual business of a person, or members of the one family and other citizens jointly producing agricultural commodities on the basis of the plot of land and other properties being in its possession. The document consists of 34 Articles. Article 1 establishes the purpose of the present Law. Article 2 regards legislation on Dehkan farm.

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