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    December, 2016
    Poland, Latvia

    The changes in the ownership structure were to be implemented by the Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury, which, under the Act of Law of 11 April 2003 on the structuring of agrarian system (i.e. The Journal of Laws of 2012, item 803, as amended), on 16 July 2003 became the Agricultural Property Agency with eleven local branch offices.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2014
    Poland, Latvia

    The following article contains analysis of role played by the Agency of Agricultural Estates (in Polish: Agencja Nieruchomosci Rolnych – ANR) in the process of forming local development in rural areas. The Agency is in possession of the Resources of Agricultural Estates of National Treasury (in Polish: Zasoby Nieruchomosci Rolnych Skarbu Panstwa - ZNRSP). Due to wide-scale possibilities of acting, it has right to influence the estate market, housing economy, and development possibilities of rural municipalities.

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    February, 2013

    This report presents the outcomes of the
    functional review of Romania's agricultural
    administration. Given the sectoral and territorial relevance
    of its regulatory domain, Romania s Agricultural and Rural
    Development Administration is a key administrative body
    undergoing this Functional Review. The review will examine
    whether the policy goals and objectives of the Ministry of
    Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) and its agencies

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    March, 2012

    Although Bulgaria now implements the
    European Union's (EU's) "common"
    agricultural policy (CAP), national policymakers still
    maintain responsibility to tailor CAP implementation to meet
    the specific development needs of the country. The National
    Rural Development Program (NRDP) very appropriately lays out
    the challenges that Bulgarian agriculture and rural
    development face, but the early implementation of a

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    March, 2013

    The report has three main chapters
    discussing modernization, diversification and
    competitiveness. The chapters examine problems and barriers
    facing households, private firms and public agencies to
    achieving these objectives, and then identify the
    instruments that can help Russia achieve the necessary
    spatial transformation of its economy. Russia's long
    history as one of Europe's leading nations, and its

  6. Library Resource
    April, 2014

    Climate change is a huge challenge for
    the agriculture and rural development (ARD) sector in
    Romania. On the one hand, agriculture is a source of
    greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and must therefore be
    expected to contribute towards the climate change mitigation
    goals of the Europe 2020 strategy. European farmers,
    foresters, rural businesses, and other local people
    therefore need to start paying much greater attention to

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