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    Peer-reviewed publication
    August, 2013
    Eastern Europe, Western Europe

    It has often been stated that land fragmentation and farm structures characterized by small agricultural holdings and farms divided in a large number of parcels have been the side-effect of land reform in Central and Eastern Europe. This article reports the findings of a study of land reform in 25 countries in the region from 1989 and onwards and provides an overview of applied land reform approaches. With a basis in theory on land fragmentation, the linkage between land reform approaches and land fragmentation is explored.

  2. Library Resource

    Volume 9 Issue 3

    Peer-reviewed publication
    March, 2020

    Agricultural land is a limited natural resource with increasing economic value. This study analyses land rental relationships in Slovakia, including legal rental regulations, and identifies the impact of certain factors, such as the European Union Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) payments, and geographical and economic factors on land rental prices.

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    Secure Land Tenure Rights For All

    Successful Approaches and Their Impacts

    Policy Papers & Briefs
    July, 2019
    Africa, Ethiopia, Uganda, Namibia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Brazil, Peru, Asia, Cambodia, Laos, Eastern Europe, Global

    The aim of this policy paper is to present successful approaches to secure land tenure rights in rural and urban areas. To support future programmatic decisions by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), this paper focusses especially on impacts and good practices. It discusses examples from the German technical cooperation but also includes good practices and impacts achieved by other development partners.

  4. Library Resource
    December, 2017
    Latvia, Ukraine

    One of the primary measures of the land reform is to create the national land registry and related land information database, which can be formed only through a complete inventory of land. This article analyses land inventory data in the current stage of land cadastre functioning and development of land relations, as well as discusses justification of organizational and legislative preconditions for land inventory in Ukraine.

  5. Library Resource
    December, 2016
    Poland, Latvia

    The changes in the ownership structure were to be implemented by the Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury, which, under the Act of Law of 11 April 2003 on the structuring of agrarian system (i.e. The Journal of Laws of 2012, item 803, as amended), on 16 July 2003 became the Agricultural Property Agency with eleven local branch offices.

  6. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Poland, Latvia

    In the broadly understood process of real estate management owners and users as well as other entities participate, inter alia, banks, courts, notaries, appraisers, managers and intermediaries in property transactions, investors, construction supervision services, and architectural and construction administrative bodies, for which up-to-date, complete information on real estate is a prerequisite for taking appropriate decisions. Since 1989, real estate, and thus information on it, has become an important element of the economic development and functioning of the State.

  7. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Poland, Latvia

    The spatial structure of land in south-eastern Poland is characterized by a high fragmentation, small farms and a road network that is not adjusted to the requirements of modern, mechanized agricultural production. The patchwork pattern of land ownership is one of the main factors that negatively affect agricultural production. Fields located in an external patchwork can be fully used for agricultural production, but the production costs are higher, and the income from the farm is smaller.

  8. Library Resource
    December, 2017
    Poland, Latvia

    The subject of the paper is the change trends in the trade in undeveloped land and real properties designated for agricultural and forestry purposes in Poland with respect to the value and surface area of real properties sold. Another aim of the study is to present the differences between average transaction prices of undeveloped real properties designated, among others, for residential, industrial, agricultural and forestry purposes. The research covers the period starting from the accession of Poland into the European Union structures.

  9. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Poland, Latvia

    Lease of farm lands is the most important process of proprietorial changes in the state’s agriculture sector. As an effect of turbulent socio-economic conditions and legal solutions resulting from country’s agricultural politics, its share in land’s management has significantly shrunk. Currently there is around 1.1 million ha of land in lease, which makes up for 23% of the land acquired by the Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury.

  10. Library Resource
    December, 1990

    This Land Code is divided into the following Chapters: Fundamental provisions (1); Powers of local Soviets of People's Deputies and the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of regulation of land relationships (2); Possession and use (3); Withdrawal of lands (4); Land leasing (5); Cessation and transfer of the right of possession and right of use of land (6); Use of plots of land for survey work (7); Tax and rents on land (8); (Agricultural provisions), Basic provisions (9); Ownership of collective farms, State farms and other agricultural enterprises, institutions and organizations (10); lando

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