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    November, 2009

    This Regulation hereby officially suspends the decision that previously granted the use of land plots (farmland, forests, buildings and moveable property) for which the effective recognition and restoration decisions have been made as compensation for the recognized successors of the former kings Ferdinand I and Boris III (also suspends the exploitation and construction activities).

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The Mayor, for the purpose of improvement of legal regulation of land relationship, safeguarding inviolability and protection of the right of citizens to land ownership, formation of valuable market of the plots of land, including sale and purchase, mortgage, lease of the plots of land, as well as for the stabilisation of social and economic situation on the territory of St.

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The Mayor orders to introduce the following amendments and addenda: 1) To give a new wording to paragraph 1.2 of the original document that reads as follows: "Physical persons that have been allotted the plots of land on condit ions of life-long hereditary property are receive them free-of-charge irrespecti vely of size ceiling of the plots of land." and 2) To repeal paragraph 3 of the original document.

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    Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe

    The President decrees that the plots of land and the property connected with them must be considered real estate. The real estate contracts are regulated by Civil Code in accordance with Land, Forestry, Environmental, other specific Legislative Acts and this Decree. Physical And juridical persons, that own plots of land, have the right to sell, to bequeath, to give as a gift, to mortgage, to lease, to exchange and to render them as a share to the-joint stock companies. Each landowner is provided with land certificate that must be registered into land cadastre.

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    Legislation & Policies
    August, 2002

    This is a resource from the Resource Equity LandWise database of resources.

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    Legislation & Policies
    August, 2003

    Unofficial English translation with 2003 publication date.

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