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    December, 2015
    Latvia, Ukraine

    The current situation in land leasing in Ukraine is analysed, when a tenant of a land parcel with immovable property is sold in part, which causes the following controversy: the land parcel in someone’s lease has buildings or constructions owned by another physical or legal person (other than the tenant). The interested party wastes a lot of time on resolving this controversial situation with the existing procedures in Ukraine. This problem is not always solved professionally because of the lack of sellers’ and buyers’ knowledge of specific features of land management and geodesy.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2015
    Latvia, Ukraine

    This article analyses the current situation in land relations in Ukraine, when tenants of land plots on which they are located real estate, not selling all property, but only its part. Thus there is a contradiction. On the land, which is leased by a natural or legal person, with buildings or structures, who do not belong to him (the lessee of the land), and the other person or entity. In the solution of this conflict in accordance with existing procedures in Ukraine interested parties spent a lot of time.

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    Reports & Research
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    September, 2011
    Ukraine, Europe, Central Asia

    Labor mobility is determined by a whole set of different factors, but housing market is clearly one of the most important ones. Individuals do not make employment decisions without taking into account options of housing market. Economy constantly changes and diverse opportunities arise in different locations at different points of time. Badly functioning housing market can cause low labor mobility and restrain the ability of employers to match vacancies in specific locations. The issue of labor mobility is especially vital for developing countries.

  4. Library Resource
    July, 2016

    The objective of this Poverty and Social
    Impact Analysis (PSIA) is to assess the impact of systematic
    registration on vulnerable individuals, in general, and
    Roma, in particular. Specifically, this PSIA focuses on the
    systematic registration approach piloted under the
    Complementing EU Support for Agricultural Restructuring
    (CESAR, 2009 - 2013) Project, which was supported by the
    World Bank. The World Bank involvement in the sector dates

  5. Library Resource
    August, 2014

    The objective of this policy note on
    land is to assist the Government of Moldova in improving the
    effectiveness of land management in agriculture, with a view
    to enhancing the sector's contribution to
    Moldova's economic growth and poverty reduction
    objectives. The note reviews the progress that has been
    made to date on land reform in Moldova, and provides
    rigorous economic analysis of the impacts of the reforms and

  6. Library Resource
    June, 2014

    The report is addressed to two
    audiences: the World Bank team and the decision makers and
    technical experts at the city administration who define the
    future of land and asset management in Warsaw. The report
    starts (section two) from reviewing municipal property
    holdings and associated institutional arrangements. This
    section focuses primarily on land and financial aspects of
    asset management, due to the overall orientation of the

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