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    January, 2013
    Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Eastern Asia, Oceania, Southern Asia

    This report examines the history, structure and monitoring mechanisms of REDD+ to better understand how it impacts upon, and interacts with, Community Forest Management (CFM). It presents case studies of CFM and REDD+ governance from Bangladesh, Indonesia and India, and concludes with some lessons learned.REDD+ is an example of multilevel governance that uses a variety of institutional structures and processes aimed at promoting sustainable management of forests, including financial incentives to reduce deforestation and forest degradation.

  2. Library Resource
    January, 2013
    India, Kenya, China

    Through the analysis of newspaper articles and a survey of journalists, this publication identifies gaps and highlights differences in how the media portray pastoralism in Kenya, China and India. In discussing their methodology, the authors note that their reliance on national, English-language publications meant that they were not able to include data from vernacular language press in pastoral regions.Although able to make significant contributions to food security, livelihoods and economic prosperity, the benefits of pastoralism often go unnoticed.

  3. Library Resource
    January, 2014
    South Africa, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Asia, Northern Africa

    There is a general consensus among academics, politicians and social movements, that BRICS as ‘new donors’ are increasing both their quantitative and qualitative role in defining what is considered to be ‘the world economic order’.

  4. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    July, 2013
    Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Niger, Tanzania, Vietnam, Central America, South America, Northern America, Southern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, Western Africa, Africa, Asia, Eastern Asia, Eastern Africa

    This paper identifies sixteen cases of large-scale actions in the agriculture and forestry sectors that have adaptation and/or mitigation outcomes, and distils lessons from the cases. The cases cover policy and strategy development (including where climate-smart objectives were not the initial aim), climate risk management through insurance, weather information services and social protection, and agricultural initiatives that have a strong link to climate change adaptation and mitigation.

    Key lessons learned include:

  5. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2013
    Pakistan, India, China, Afghanistan

    The paper demonstrates the application of a new water accounting plus (WA+) framework to produce information on depletion of water resources, storage change, and land and water productivity in the Indus basin. It shows how satellite-derived estimates of land use, rainfall, evaporation (E), transpiration (T ), interception (I ) and biomass production can be used in addition to measured basin outflow, for water accounting with WA+. It is demonstrated how the accounting results can be interpreted to identify existing issues and examine solutions for the future.

  6. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2013
    Indonesia, Kenya, India, Tunisia, China

    The impact of land use changes on sustainable development is of increasing interest in many regions of the world. This study aimed to test the transferability of the Framework for Participatory Impact Assessment (FoPIA), which was originally developed in the European context, to developing countries, in which lack of data often prevents the use of data-driven impact assessment methods. The core aspect of FoPIA is the stakeholder-based assessment of alternative land use scenarios.

  7. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2013
    South Africa, Uganda, China, India, Europe, Asia, Africa, Southern Africa

    This special issue has presented some of the specific findings of the RE-Impact Project which was commissioned and funded by the EuropeAid Cooperation Office from 2007 until its conclusion in 2010. The project aimed to provide impact assessment frameworks and influence relevant policies through direct involvement in bioenergy projects and policy analysis in South Africa, Uganda, India and China. The papers summarised here have covered issues related to Jatropha curcas and forest-based bioenergy in these countries.

  8. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2013
    India, Brazil, China, United States of America, Europe

    Remote sensing images obtained by remote sensing are a key source of data for studying large-scale geographic areas. From 2013 onwards, a new generation of land remote sensing satellites from USA, China, Brazil, India and Europe will produce in 1year as much data as 5 years of the Landsat-7 satellite. Thus, the research community needs new ways to analyze large data sets of remote sensing imagery. To address this need, this paper describes a toolbox for combing land remote sensing image analysis with data mining techniques.

  9. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2013
    France, Nigeria, United States of America, Peru, Morocco, United Kingdom, Canada, Iran, Ethiopia, Republic of Korea, Cameroon, Thailand, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Japan, Italy, Argentina, India, Sudan, New Zealand, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia

    Meeting Name: Global Soil Partnership Plenary Assembly
    Meeting symbol/code: GSPPA: I/2013/2

  10. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2013
    France, Nigeria, United States of America, Peru, Australia, Morocco, United Kingdom, Canada, Iran, Ethiopia, Republic of Korea, Cameroon, Thailand, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Japan, Italy, Argentina, India, Sudan, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia

    Meeting symbol/code: GSPPA-I/13/Report
    Session: Sess.1

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