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    India, Asia, Southern Asia

    The purpose of this Act is to recognize forest rights to tribal communities who have been occupying the land before the forest laws were put into force.Scheduled Tribes residing in forests shall be entitled to the land currently occupied which may be allocated in all forests including National Parks and Sanctuaries.The Act grants forest rights to Scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest dwellers including: right to live in the forest land for habitation or for self-cultivation for livelihood; right of ownership, access to collect, use, and dispose of minor forest produce; right to use

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    India, Asia, Southern Asia

    This Act, consisting of 8 Chapters, establishes Delhi Geo-Spatial Data Infrastructure for Management, Control, Administration, Security and Safety of the above mentioned area. An Act to create, update, manage, disseminate, and share, for Delhi a geo-spatial data, map, system, application, portal of the land revenue records; public utilities including roads, water, sewerage. electricity, telecommunication/ internet services and other services of utility; property details, property ownership and the like, by entrusting the responsibility to Geo Spatial Delhi Limited.

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