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    December, 2015

    Conflicts over land-grabs for industry, infrastructure and urbanization are on the rise in emerging economies. A slew of policy measures undergird such land deals in India but have encountered successful resistance from peasants and citizens groups. In Goa, resistance led to the revocation of the state's special economic zone (SEZ) policy and cancellation of all approved SEZs, many developed by prominent realty firms. As battle over three SEZs continues in the Supreme Court of India, there is hope that commons will be returned to local communities.

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    December, 2013

    Policy initiatives in India, such as the Social Forestry Program and later the Joint Forest Management, were introduced for their co-benefits, including forest protection, employment opportunities, and added income for communities living in and around the forests. The evolution of these forest policies is critically reviewed. It is argued that India is perfectly positioned to benefit from climate change mitigation efforts, due to a rich, albeit chequered, history in forest management.

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    December, 2016

    A bstract Purpose : The study aims at analysing the influence of demographics factors on inclusion of agriculture in school curriculum. Design/Methodology/Approach: The study was conducted in five villages of Rewari district in Haryana using a Mixed Methods Research Approach. After a qualitative discussion with the parents in groups, a personal interview survey was administered among 75 parents having diverse demographic and socio-economic profiles.

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    December, 2014

    Farmers' access to and rights over seeds are the very pillars of agriculture, and thus represent an essential component of food sovereignty. Three decades after the term farmers' rights was first coined, there now exists a broad consensus that this new category of rights is historically grounded and imperative in the current context of the expansion of intellectual property rights (IPRs) over plant varieties.

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    June, 2015

    India’s sustained and rapid economic
    growth offers an opportunity to lift millions out of
    poverty. But this may come at a steep cost to the nation’s
    environment and natural resources. This insightful book
    analyzes India’s growth from an economic perspective and
    assesses whether India can grow in a “green” and sustainable
    manner. Three key issues are addressed. The first is the
    physical and monetary costs and losses of environmental

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