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    Strategia Nazionale di Adattamento ai Cambiamenti Climatici.

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    The National Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change is a cross-sectoral strategic document adopted by the Ministry of the Environment to respond to the broader goals set out in the adaptation strategy package approved by the European Commission in 2013, with the aim of making Europe better prepared to withstand existing and future climate impacts.

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    Legge n. 10: Norme per lo sviluppo degli spazi verdi urbani.

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    The aim of this Act is the promotion and development of green spaces in urban areas. The Municipalities shall be responsible for developing urban green spaces within their territories, whilst a special committee under the Ministry of the Environment shall exercise monitoring functions.

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    Decreto Legislativo n. 152: Codice dell'Ambiente.

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Legislative Decree approves the Code on the Environment, which sets out the legislative framework applicable to all matters concerning environmental protection.The Code is composed of six Parts. Part I (arts. 1-3) defines the application scope and lays down general provisions applicable to all areas covered by the Code. Part II (arts. 4-52) defines and regulates the procedures related to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (VAS), Environmental Impact Assessment (VIA) and Integrated Environmental Authorization (IPPC). Part III (arts.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    By way of implementation of Directive 96/61/EC, this Legislative Decree aims at the integrated prevention and control of pollution which arises from the activities specified in Annex I. There are established particular measures intended to prevent and reduce emissions into the air, water and land, comprising general principles in matter of waste management. Furthermore, the Legislative Decree regulates the issue and renewal of the environmental integrated authorization which is required for the installations mentioned in Annex I.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    The Regional Territorial Environmental Plan shall be composed of the various Territorial Environmental Plans of “Large Areas” (Chapter II), which shall cover elements of a naturalistic interest (biological and physical) as well as elements regarding agricultural production. Article 4 defines the content of the above-mentioned plans, whereas Chapter III deals with the drafting, approval and legal effect of the plans.

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    International Conventions or Treaties
    Monaco, Liechtenstein, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Western Europe, Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe

    In implementation of the Alpine Convention of 1991, the Signatory Parties have concluded this Protocol to promote their cooperation in matter of territorial planning and sustainable development. The Protocol is divided into five Chapters: (I) General Provisions; (II) Specific Measures; (III) Research, Education and Information; (IV) Enforcement, Control and Assessment; (V) Final Provisions. The Parties undertake to adopt territorial planning and sustainable development policies by harmonizing both economic interests and environmental protection requirements (art. 3).

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Decree Law represents the basic legal framework in matter of forestry. Since it was enacted in 1923, it must be coordinated with the Constitution, which entrusts particular legislative and administrative competences to the Regions in matter of forestry as well (art. 117). The Decree consists of seven Titles. Title I makes provision for the protection of the public interests. To this end, certain restrictions shall be applied to private lands, so as to guarantee the public safety and protect the water regime.

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