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    National Policies
    January, 2002

    The Environmental Action Strategy for Sustainable Development in Italy is a strategic instrument with a national coverage which sets out the goals to be attained for sustainable development and outlines related measures and actions to be undertaken. The national environmental action strategy ensures continuity to the European Union action, namely through the Sixth Environmental Action Plan, with the targets regarding social cohesion, full employment and environmental protection approved by the Council of Europe in Lisbon and Göthenburg.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    The Decree regulates the discharge of the substances contained in Lists I and II of Annex A into surface waters, marine territorial and coastal waters. It regulates also the powers and duties of the Government and of the Regions, with particular regard to the establishment and implementation of measures for the protection of the environment. The discharge of dangerous substances must be authorized by the Province or the competent sewerage service. The authorization has a validity of four years and is renewable according to the procedure of article 9.

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    June, 1999
    Finland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Europe, Northern Europe
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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Regional Act aims at the protection and restoration of land and at the same time lays down provisions on the preservation of water resources and their exploitation for irrigation. The Act provides for the subdivision of the regional territory into restoration districts, as specified in article 2. Further provisions define the functions of consortia involved in land restoration and water resources preservation.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Regional Act lays down the legislative framework concerning the protection of soil, water resources and coastal territories in Toscana. The Act establishes principles for the adoption of programmes, plans and projects to undertake interventions that have an impact on such resources. A Commission for Soil Protection is established (art. 4). Provisions on monitoring and penalties are laid down too.

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    Strategia Nazionale di Adattamento ai Cambiamenti Climatici.

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    The National Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change is a cross-sectoral strategic document adopted by the Ministry of the Environment to respond to the broader goals set out in the adaptation strategy package approved by the European Commission in 2013, with the aim of making Europe better prepared to withstand existing and future climate impacts.

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    Legge regionale n. 3: Legge sulla montagna.

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Regional Act sets out the legislative framework for promoting the economic and social development of mountain areas. To this end it promotes the creation of “mountain unions” which are composed of municipalities falling within mountain territories. These entities shall exercise the functions listed in article 3, which cover the following areas: land reclamation in mountain territories; management of waters resources; forest management; renewable sources of energy. The Regional Fund for Mountain Areas is set up for the attainment of the objectives pursued by this law.

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    Decreto Legislativo n. 152: Codice dell'Ambiente.

    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Legislative Decree approves the Code on the Environment, which sets out the legislative framework applicable to all matters concerning environmental protection.The Code is composed of six Parts. Part I (arts. 1-3) defines the application scope and lays down general provisions applicable to all areas covered by the Code. Part II (arts. 4-52) defines and regulates the procedures related to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (VAS), Environmental Impact Assessment (VIA) and Integrated Environmental Authorization (IPPC). Part III (arts.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    The present Regional Act, in compliance with the provisions contained in Act No. 183 of 1989 and Act No. 36 of 1994: (a) lays down rules governing the establishment of basins; (b) provides for the delimitation of areas of soil protection; (c) defines the procedures to be followed to adopt river basin plans; (d) aims at the protection and preservation of water resources.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    By way of implementation of Directive 96/61/EC, this Legislative Decree aims at the integrated prevention and control of pollution which arises from the activities specified in Annex I. There are established particular measures intended to prevent and reduce emissions into the air, water and land, comprising general principles in matter of waste management. Furthermore, the Legislative Decree regulates the issue and renewal of the environmental integrated authorization which is required for the installations mentioned in Annex I.

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