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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2015
    United States of America, Peru, Indonesia, Australia, Bolivia, China, Malta, Russia, Italy, Finland, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Japan, Uganda, Myanmar, Argentina, India, United Kingdom, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Canada

    This paper introduces a Special Issue of Forest Ecology and Management that includes a collection of analytical results from the 2015 Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA 2015) covering 25 years of forest change (1990–2015). FRA 2015 builds on a series of global assessments that began in 1948 and covers change in forest area and type, volume, biomass and carbon stocking, measures of sustainable forest management, biodiversity and conservation, soil and water protective functions, wood production and a number of socio-economic variables.

  2. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    October, 2015
    Rwanda, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Philippines, China, Ecuador, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Brazil, Asia

    This publication provides an overview on the main issues debated during the development and passage of the India’s National Food Security Act (2013), which legally binds national and state governments to extend far-reaching social protection to the country’s population. It raises many lively and pertinent debates that may be useful for policy-makers and advocates, especially in low-income countries but also emerging economies, who wish to strengthen the programmatic and legal frameworks for food and nutrition in their respective countries.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2015
    Serbia, Qatar, North Macedonia, Israel, Chile, China, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Bolivia, Suriname, Congo, Guinea, Guyana, Paraguay, Moldova, Australia, Armenia, Kuwait, Iraq, India, Georgia, Montenegro, Austria

    El presente documento es la segunda actualización del informe original de la FAO sobre este tema. Ofrece información sobre la contribución del sector forestal a las economías nacionales a nivel mundial, regional y nacional. Este estudio ofrece la situación y las tendencias en la contribución del sector forestal (empleo total, valor agregado y los ingresos de exportación) en el sector y analiza las fuerzas motrices detrás de estas tendencias. Asimismo, este documento actualiza los datos hasta el año 2011.

  4. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    October, 2015
    Rwanda, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, India, Nicaragua, Philippines, Asia

    Cette publication fournit un survol des principaux enjeux débattus lors de l’élaboration et de l’adoption de la Loi sur la sécurité alimentaire nationale de l’Inde (2013) qui contraint légalement les gouvernements nationaux et étatiques à étendre la protection sociale à la population du pays. Cela soulève plusieurs débats pertinents et dynamiques qui peuvent être utiles pour les décideurs politiques et les défenseurs, particulièrement dans les pays à faible revenue, mais également dans les économies émergentes souhaitant consolider leurs cadres programmatiques et légaux.

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