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    December, 2007
    France, United States of America, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Thailand, Nepal, Morocco, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, India, Sudan, Vietnam

    The performance of many canal irrigation delivery systems is unsatisfactory in terms of: (i) water resources management; (ii) service to irrigated agriculture; and (iii) costeffectiveness of infrastructure management. In recent years, participatory approaches and management transfer reforms have been promoted as part of the solution for more cost-effective and sustainable irrigation services. Large agency-managed systems have been turned over partially or completely to various types of management bodies. However, the results have usually been disappointing.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2007
    Egypt, United States of America, Spain, Iraq, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom, Peru, Iran, Argentina, India, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Mexico, Netherlands

    Drainage of agricultural land is one of the most critical water management tools for the sustainability of productive cropping systems, as frequently this sustainability is extremely dependent on the control of waterlogging and soil salinization in the rootzone of most crops. On some agricultural lands, the natural drainage is sufficient to maintain high productivity. However, many others require improvements in surface and subsurface drainage in order to optimize land productivity, while maintaining the quality of soil resources.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2004
    India, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy

    Agriculture is coming under more and more pressure to justify its use of the world's freshwater resources and to improve its productive and environmental performance. The allocations of raw water to agriculture (and the allocations within the agriculture sector) all need to be negotiated in a transparent way. This report reviews the large set of literature on the subject and makes the case for the adoption of a functional approach to water valuation as a basis for such negotiation.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    May, 2016
    Burkina Faso, Nigeria, United States of America, Rwanda, Zambia, Mali, Burundi, Namibia, Ghana, South Sudan, Malawi, Niger, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Italy, Tanzania, Botswana, Netherlands, Senegal, Chad, Norway, Africa, Southern Africa

    The focus of this review has been on both documenting the general resilience of many fish resources to climatic variability and its underestimation in livelihood importance, including in protracted crisis situations, but also on enhancing the potential supply of fish from dryland areas by better use of the available water bodies, and in particular from small reservoirs.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2012

    In the June issue of the Natural Resources and Environment newsletter, we examine the importance of the newly established Global Soil Partnership. Soil specialists, international organization staff, the donor community and academics discuss what such collaboration can achieve. We note the events of World Water Day, highlighting water and food security. Moreover, a new web site, Sustainability Pathways, focuses on greening the economy with agriculture and related ecosystem services.

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