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    January, 1999

    El presente Decreto declara Zona Intangible de Conservación, vedada a todo tipo de actividad extractiva, las tierra de habitación y desarrollo de los grupos Huaorani, conocidos como Tagaeri Taromenane, y otros eventuales que permanecen sin contacto, ubicadas hacia el sur de las tierras adjudicadas a la nacionalidad Huaorani y del Parque Nacional Yasuní (PNY).

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    January, 2000

    These guidelines contain principles of and rules for the management of hilly and mountainous areas. They define functions and duties of District Environment Committees and other local authorities in respect of management of hilly and mountainous areas duties of land owners in respect to use of grazing of livestock, cultivation, agroforestry and water run-off. Each District Council shall make bye-laws identifying mountainous and hilly areas within their jurisdiction which are at risk from environmental degradation.

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    March, 1999

    La présente ordonnance crée un service central dénommé Direction Nationale des frontières a pour mission l’élaboration des éléments de la politique nationale des frontières et d’assurer la coordination et le contrôle de l’action des autorités administratives, des services et des organes publics qui concourent à la mise en œuvre de cette politique.

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    January, 2000

    This article discusses what is the best means of managing the commons. The article stresses that these are critical questions in the current wave of decentralisation and tenure reform taking place in many Sahelian states.

  5. Library Resource
    January, 2000

    This paper initially highlights the general characteristics of rangelands and pastoral production systems of the Tibetan Plateau.The article finds that:given the realities of life in a heterogeneous and marginal environment, the issue of secure resource tenure, both customary and legal, is fundamental for effective rangeland managementa simple shift in tenure from the communal (traditional and subsistence) to individual household level (ranching and commercial) will not be enough to facilitate a change in behaviour toward "rational" livestock operationsmany institutional mechanisms must be

  6. Library Resource
    January, 2000
    Burkina Faso, Sub-Saharan Africa

    This article explores the breakdown of complementarity between agriculture and livestock in the Kishi Beiga area in the north of Burkina Faso. The article suggests that the the two systems now compete for land and local management systems have broken down.This article discusses a joint GTZ and Government of Burkina Faso initiative to improve natural resource management and people's livelihoods.

  7. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 1999

    The Land Campaign (Campanha Terra), which formally came to an end in November 1999, will re-emerge as a Land Forum. Describes the background to and results of the campaign and the activities in its first and second years, mentions how it was organised, and briefly outlines plans for the future.

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