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    December, 2002
    Chad, Africa, Middle Africa

    The health of nomadic pastoralists is influenced by factors specific to their way of life.
    Nomadic pastoralists depend on their livestock for subsistence, especially on the livestock’s
    milk. Veterinary services provide vaccination against feared livestock diseases such as
    anthrax. Agents transmissible between livestock and humans (zoonotic agents) may have an
    important impact on the health status of pastoralists because they live in close contact to their
    animals. However, morbidity of nomadic pastoralists in Chad had not been documented and

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    December, 2002
    Republic of Korea

    The purpose of this Decree is to provide for matters delegated by the Framework Act on the National Land and other matters necessary to implement such delegated matters.

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    April, 2002

    These Regulations, made under section 5 of the Land Survey Act, provide rules concerning the control on the practice of land survey and relative recording in Namibia. The Surveyor-General may, at any time in the field, check the accuracy of any survey conducted by a land surveyor under the Act. A general plan shall be prepared when it is required to be produced under any law or when it is required by the Surveyor-General.

    Implements: Land Survey Act, 1993 (No. 33 of 1993). (1993-12-06)

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    October, 2002

    La presente Norma Oficial Mexicana tiene por objetivo establecer las especificaciones técnicas de muestreo y análisis de fertilidad, salinidad y clasificación de suelos, a partir de sus características específicas de constitución, formación y distribución.

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    February, 2002

    This Act is enacted for the purposes of regulating expropriation of land, ensuring reasonable land use, safeguarding private properties and promoting public interest.

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    December, 2002
    Republic of Korea

    The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the sound development of the national economy and to the preservation of national land and the environment by promoting the development of forestry and the various functions of forests concerning public interests, through rational preservation and use of mountainous districts.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2002

    "Logging in Muddy Waters" analyzes the boom in forest exploitation that characterized the 1990s in Cambodia, focusing on the instrumentalization of disorder and violence as a mode of control of forest access and timber-trading channels. The article examines tensions existing between the aspirations of Cambodians for a better life, the power politics of elites, and the hope of some in the international community for a green and democratic peace.

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    January, 2003

    Land policies in Africa have often overlooked the interests of certain social groups. In some areas, traditional access and ownership rights for women, migrants and pastoralists have been ignored or reduced.  The rise of HIV/AIDS in the region has created new social groups who are vulnerable to discrimination by land policies. As new policies are formed in the region, it is important to consider why these groups have been excluded. This will help to ensure that future policies represent these groups more fairly.

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    January, 2002

    For over a hundred years the zone of Kisha Beiga, in Burkina Faso, was plagued by ethnic conflicts, revolution and political anarchy. Local rivalries and administrative chaos put paid to any efforts to manage natural resources efficiently. Then, in 1991, the Burkinabe Sahel Programme (PSB) set out to quell factional rivalry and establish sustainable resource-management in the area. A fragile consensus has been achieved, but it has not been easy. Leadership conflicts, land tenure issues and administrative anomalies have threatened to derail the project.

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    January, 2002

    Since the early 1970s, the position of pastoralists in West Africa's Sahel zone has become ever more precarious. Their plight is evidenced by rural-urban migration movements as well as the results of field surveys. The last major drought of 1983-1985 delivered a major blow to communities which derive most of their food and revenues from herding. In many rangeland areas there is civil unrest - even building to armed conflict in places - owing to mounting tensions between various pastoral groups.

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