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    Journal Articles & Books
    June, 2018
    Nepal, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Nicaragua, Mali, China, Australia, Spain, Senegal, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Niger, Cameroon, Norway, Lebanon

    تشير الخطوط التوجيهية الطوعية بشأن الحوكمة المسؤولة لحيازة الأراضي ومصايد الأسماك والغابات في سياق الأمن الغذائي الوطني بصراحة إلى الرعاة باعتبارهم المستخدمين النهائيين للخطوط التوجيهية والمستهدَفين بمساعي تنمية القدرات. وعلى الرغم من التهميش التاريخي والذي غالباً ما يكون مستمراً للرعويين، تم إعداد هذا الدليل الفني للاستجابة للفرص الناشئة التي من شأنها دعم الرعاة وتعزيز حقوقهم في الأراضي والموارد.

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    National Policies
    January, 2016

    The National Strategy for Agricultural Development 2016-2025 is a sectoral policy aiming at achieving in ten years in the agricultural field the following results, together with economic, social and environmental consequences: (i) high agricultural productivity; (ii) efficiency in the use of irrigation water; (iii) high use of technology; (iv) high partnership between public and private sectors; (v) competitive agricultural marketing linking production to demand in the internal and external markets; (vi) national quality and accreditation systems internationally recognized; (vii) agricultur

  3. Library Resource
    The 10-year strategic plan and framework to enhance the implementation of the Convention (2008–2018) (Arabic) cover image
    Institutional & promotional materials
    January, 2009

    THE VISION to forge a global partnership to reverse and prevent desertification/land degradation and to mitigate the effects of drought in affected areas in order to support poverty reduction and environmental sustainability

  4. Library Resource
    Lebanon, Western Asia

    This Decree consisting of 2 articles applies to all private property areas adjacent to the sea. It allows for the exploitation of the maritime public domain on condition that the government approves the nature of the proposed project and area sought for exploitation. Additionally, the Decree allows any resort owner to use three times the surface area of the resort plot to construct a marina, provided that requires that the marina builder owns all the plots of land the marina would be connected to. By principle, the maritime public domain remains for the use of everybody.

  5. Library Resource
    Lebanon, Western Asia

    This Decree is composed of 3 Parts divided into 12 articles and 3 Annexes. Part I considers the Comprehensive Plan for Lebanese Territory Arrangement as the general guiding framework of urban planning and land use, and therefore ministries, departments, public institutions, municipalities and Lebanese unions shall adopt all directives and guidelines compatible and agree with this Plan.

  6. Library Resource
    Bahrain, Western Asia

    This Resolution is composed of 8 Sections divided into 115 articles. Section I gives terms and definitions. Section II deals with regulator requirements and conditions for the construction in residential zones of isolated villa, villa and apartments and villa and apartments in gardens. Section III and IV define regulators requirements and conditions for the construction in zones intended for commercial purposes and for expositions and exhibitions. Section V defines regulating requirements and conditions for the construction in the zone of Asseif.

  7. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    December, 2016
    Africa, Asia, South America, Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Asia, Africa, Asia, South America, Americas

    كان عام 2015 لحظة فارقة لمجتمع التنمية الدولية. فلقد ابرزت نهاية الاهداف
    الانمائية للألفية التقدم الملحوظ والمحقق لتلك الاهداف منذ عام 1990 ، حيث
    انخفضت معدلات الجوع والفقر المدقع ووفيات الأطفال إلى النصف، ومع ذلك تظل هناك
    تحديات جسيمة. يستعرض تقرير السياسة الغذائية العالمية لعام 2016 الاتجاهات والاحداث
    والتغيرات الكبرى التى تؤثر على الأمن الغذائي والتغذية في عام 2015 وما بعدها؛ كما
    يناقش كيف يمكن للنظام الغذائي العالمي أن يساهم فى المزيد من خفض معدلات حدة الفقر،
    والجوع، وسوء التغذية مع ضمان الاستخدام المستدام لموارد العالم. وسوف يكون عام 2016

  8. Library Resource
    Training Resources & Tools
    January, 2012

    This Gender Evaluation Criteria (GEC) matrix has been extracted from the GLTN publication entitled Designing and Evaluating Land Tools with a Gender Perspective: A Training Package for Land Professionals

    Language: English, Spanish, French, Arabic

  9. Library Resource

    قرار رئيس الجمهورية رقم ١٤٨ لسنة ٢٠١٠ بالموافقة على إتفاق التمويل بين حكومة جمهورية مصر العربية والصندوق الدولي للتنمية الزراعية بشأن مشروع تطوير الري الحقلي في الأراضي القديمة

    International Conventions or Treaties
    Egypt, Africa, Western Asia, Northern Africa

    This Presidential Decree approves the funding agreement between the Government of Egypt and the International Fund for Agricultural Development on the project of developing farm irrigation in the old lands. The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of Egypt, the Agriculture Research Center, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation as well as other entities. The objective of the project is to improve irrigation networks, improve agricultural productivity, give market support to farmers, as well as enhancing water management.

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