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    Sweden, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Decree concerns the Swedish Geological Survey Institute, which shall be the administrative authority for matters regarding geological formation of Sweden and the handling of minerals.The Institute shall collect and elaborate information regarding the geological condition of the subsoil and mineral resources present in Sweden. It shall also carry out survey and research on groundwater and well-drilling and collaborate with other authorities in the field of groundwater quality, nature conservation and environment protection.

  2. Library Resource
    Sweden, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act makes provision for authorization of the central Government to granted to municipalities to organize municipal land survey offices and for operations of such offices. Section 2 specifies requirements that municipalities and the land survey offices shall meet in order to qualify for authorization. Application for authorization shall be submitted to the Central Land Survey Agency. The municipal land survey offices shall carry out land survey and registration of immovable property within municipal borders (sect. 5).

  3. Library Resource
    Finland, Europe, Northern Europe

    The principal Act provides for the procedures of the application for rights relative to constructions in watercourses or related to watercourses as foreseen in the Water Act (sect. 1). The amendments of the principal Act are made mainly as a consequence of the introduction of the Real Property Formation Act (554/95) which formulates, inter alia, rules relative to land survey and mapping. Section 4 refers to procedures in accordance with section 8(a) of Chapter 21 of the Water Act.

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