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    Reports & Research
    February, 2002

    Management of environmental externalities of agricultural production has become a necessity to attain sustainable and efficient use of resources. Policies to promote externality mitigation are moving away from command and control toward industry self-management guided through best-practice guidelines and incentive structures. Assessment of such policies thus entails careful examination of options at operational and strategic levels to ensure optimal compliance at least cost.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2002

    Rural property taxes can play a significant role in promoting sustainable rural livelihoods in transition countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The guide identifies issues that should be considered by those who are responsible for the technical design and implementation of rural property tax systems. It identifies the benefits and problems associated with the introduction of rural property taxes, the relationship to other taxes and organizational constraints, and provides a checklist for introducing reforms.

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    A case study of the Tenure Security Co-ordinating Committee (TSCC)

    Reports & Research
    October, 2002
    Global, Africa, South Africa

    The new political dispensation in South Africa was the result of a political compromise, which depended on a crucial agreement to leave many of the existing power and wealth relationships intact. The advent of democracy in South Africa presented African people with long awaited political freedom but minimal social and economic liberation. The wealth was to remain in the hands of the few and any attempts by government to reverse the status quo was thwarted by the realities of the harsh global capitalist market system.

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    Toolkit and Guidance for Preventing and Managing Land and Natural Resources Conflict cover image
    Manuals & Guidelines
    Training Resources & Tools
    December, 2002

    This guidance note provides a framework for understanding and addressing land and natural resource-related grievances and conflicts through a holistic, systematic approach. While the main emphasis is on violent conflict, it may also be useful in a variety of other situations characterized by significant land-related grievances, but which are not currently or openly violent. It is intended for staff of multilateral organisations, national and local governments, and civil society organisations.

  5. Library Resource
    Manuals & Guidelines
    January, 2003

    The Handbook on Best Practices, Security of Tenure and Access to Land--Implementation of the Habitat Agenda (2003) reviews material produced by UN Habitat partners up to and including 1999, in terms of the implementation of the Habitat Agenda. At the time of publishing, this document was the most comprehensive global overview of progress made in countries towards achieving the Habitat Agenda in the area of land tenure and land management/administration.

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