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  1. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2004
    Kenya, Eastern Africa, Africa

    Parasitic nematodes, especially
    Haemonchus contortus,
    are among the most common and
    economically important causes of infectious
    diseases of sheep and goats owned by
    pastoralists and small holder farm
    ers in East Africa. In Kenya, control of these infections
    mainly relies on the use of anthelmintic dr
    ugs. However, ethnoveteri
    nary medicine (EVM)
    preparations are widely used by pastoralists
    and small holder farmers (SHF) for treatment
    of their livestock agains

  2. Library Resource
    Institutional & promotional materials
    July, 2018

    Breve description des modalités et avantages des programmes de Foires aux intrants

  3. Library Resource
    Institutional & promotional materials
    July, 2018

    This infographic is the third of a series of six infographics on "FAO cash & voucher toolbox". It presents the definition, key objectives, main reasons for use and FAO technical expertise on input trade fairs.

  4. Library Resource
    December, 2016

    Item 4.9 shall be amended to add the following wording: “National budget shall finance mapping of the boundaries of land plots allotted to peasant farms for family farming, legalization of rights to agricultural land plots and bonus payment to purchase prices applicable for purchase of agricultural commodities form smallholders”.

    Amends: Decree No. 16 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food validating the Instruction on financing out of national budget agricultural production, fishfarming and processing of agricultural commodities. (2016-04-29)

  5. Library Resource
    September, 2018
    South-Eastern Asia, Cambodia

    This is a short VoxPop to show the understanding level on VGGT Guideline among youths in Cambodia.

  6. Library Resource
    March, 2018

    The VGGT are very necessary for Cambodia because of the role these guidelines play in protecting human rights, and especially land rights. Let's watch the video together in order to get more information on VGGT.

  7. Library Resource
    January, 2015
    Tanzania, Malawi

    This report presents final findings from the baseline data collection exercise conducted for Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) Adaptation Programme in Africa. The GFCS programme, having a focus on agriculture, food security, health and disaster risk reduction, is implemented in Tanzania and Malawi.

  8. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    July, 2015

    Impossible to have imagined 50 years ago that Africa’s ruling political elites would have come to despise their own small-scale farmers and pastoralists and to look kindly on foreign-run large plantations. Impact of decades of structural adjustment programmes forgotten. Sceptical about claims that land grabs can be stopped within 3 years. Looks at variety of responses attempting to address power inequalities at local levels. Research a not unproblematic area. Concludes with case studies of legal empowerment in Mozambique and Namati’s community land protection programme.

  9. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    September, 2011

    Introduction: "The goal of poverty alleviation is now seen as a high priority project for
    Myanmar’s new
    public statements the new President, Thein Sein, has raised issues of
    poverty in
    as a problem
    the country (as opposed to a previous failure to
    acknowledge any such problems.)
    Support for this goal
    was verbally
    in a
    Poverty Alleviation Seminar headed by Dr. U Myint, and again, more broadly, at an

  10. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    April, 2015

    Abstract: "Given the widespread smallholder impulse to engage
    in commodity booms in Southeast Asia and the
    potential for this engagement to offer a more
    inclusive development pathway than large-scale
    plantation production, we examine three issues: Wh
    at are the agro-economic factors favouring or
    obstructing smallholder modes of commodity production relative to large-scale production entities?
    What are the incentives for agribusiness firms to contribute to smallholder commodity production

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