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    Conference Papers & Reports
    July, 2019

    Date: 3 août 2019

    Source: Farmlandgrab

    L’International Land Coalition (ILC) s’est plongé dans le rapport sur le développement rural 2019 du FIDA afin de mieux comprendre le lien entre les jeunes, la terre et le développement durable.

    Pour télécharger les extraits de l’ILC : Extraits de l’ILC sur la terre et les jeunes

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    National Policies
    December, 2009

    The Agriculture Strategic Development Plan is a national policy with a multi-sectoral approach. The Timeframe of this Plan is 3 years between 2010 and 2012.

  3. Library Resource
    National Policies
    January, 2016

    The National Strategy for Agricultural Development 2016-2025 is a sectoral policy aiming at achieving in ten years in the agricultural field the following results, together with economic, social and environmental consequences: (i) high agricultural productivity; (ii) efficiency in the use of irrigation water; (iii) high use of technology; (iv) high partnership between public and private sectors; (v) competitive agricultural marketing linking production to demand in the internal and external markets; (vi) national quality and accreditation systems internationally recognized; (vii) agricultur

  4. Library Resource
    National Policies
    January, 2017

    Le Plan de Développement Économique et Social (PDES) 2017-2021 est un plan quinquennal de l’opérationnalisation de la Stratégie de Développement Durable et de Croissance Inclusive (SDDCI) Niger 2035 adoptée par le Gouvernement le 9 mai 2017. Son objectif est de contribuer à bâtir un pays pacifique, bien gouverné avec une économie émergente et durable, et une société fondée sur des valeurs d’équité et de partage des fruits du progrès. Spécifiquement, il vise à renforcer la résilience du système de développement économique et social.

  5. Library Resource
    Putting the Voluntary Guidelines into Practice: A Learning Guide for Civil Society Organizations cover image
    Manuals & Guidelines
    December, 2017

    This learning guide has been designed specifically to give civil society and grassroots organizations a deeper understanding of the Voluntary guidelines on the responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests in the context of national food security (VGGT) to enable the members of these organizations and their constituents to use the VGGT meaningfully and effectively to improve the governance of tenure in their respective countries.

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    Journal Articles & Books

    La construcción y el mantenimiento de infraestructura en Colombia han sido definidos como una de las locomotoras de desarrollo económico del país. Esto requiere de grandes inversiones. Estudios económicos recientes en países en vía de desarrollo, como Colombia, muestran que gran parte del financiamiento de proyectos de infraestructura se logra por medio de la inversión del sector privado. De este, más de la mitad es inversión extranjera. Colombia ha adoptado recientemente una política de apertura a la inversión extranjera.

  7. Library Resource
    Reports & Research

    La experiencia de reubicación de 62 familias desplazadas en el Departamento del Guaviare que accedieron a un Subsidio Integral de Tierras (SIT) en el año 2006, por parte del Instituto Colombiano de Desarrollo Rural INCODER, se investigó cubriendo un horizonte temporal de una década (2005 al 2015).

  8. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    September, 2016

    This article explores the ways in which (a) Indigenous youth involved in an HIV intervention took up and reclaimed their cultures as a project of defining ‘self’, and (b) how Indigenous ‘culture’ can be used as a tool for resistance, HIV prevention and health promotion. Data were drawn from the Taking Action Project: Using arts-based approaches to develop Aboriginal youth leadership in HIV prevention.

  9. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    April, 2011
    Costa Rica

    This paper examines the effects of an international service-learning course with a strong human rights component. Human rights have social justice as an essential component and advancing both are considered core competencies in social work. International education in colleges and universities has gained in popularity as has service-learning. Research has been carried out in both these areas. However, less research has been done on the combination of the two.

  10. Library Resource
    Peer-reviewed publication
    August, 2012
    South Africa, Southern Africa

    This article explores strategies for engaging geographically fragmented urban communities as active participants in conceptually re-mapping their former localities. It looks in detail at the ongoing Retracing Salford project in Salford, UK, which employs the use of everyday objects and oral histories to engage and enable former residents to reconnect with their recently demolished neighbourhoods and each other. The project also seeks to document an urban working class history largely overlooked by the large-scale institutions.

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