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  1. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    January, 2011

    This paper describes in Part I Overview of the Employment Situation Part II deals with the problem of labour absorption in the industrial sector while part III provides an account of labour absorption in agriculture. Part IV contains the conclusions and recommendations of the study.

  2. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    January, 2012
    South Africa

    Urban land markets have a profound effect on how well poor households are able to access the jobs, amenities and services offered in the city. But often the way in which this market works frustrates attempts to open up better located living and business opportunities for poorer urban households and communities, despite government policies and programmes intended to address these challenges. The challenge in South Africa is even larger because of worsening poverty and inequality, and the continuing growth of cities through urbanisation.

  3. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2012

    North China is the most important food basket of China, where the majority of wheat and corn are produced. Most crops grown in North China are irrigated, thus water security is food security. Since the 1980s, drying has been frequently observed, as shown by a reduction in precipitation, cutoff in riverflow, and shrinkage of lakes. This increase in drying cannot be explained by climate change alone. We propose that intensive land-use in this area in recent decades has had a significant impact.

  4. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2011

    This book is about sustainable land management, the development of water buffers and the business case underneath it. It is part of the discussion on the green economy: investment in natural resource management makes business sense. This also applies for investment in land, water and vegetative cover. Some of the parameters may be different – returns may not always be immediate – but essentially both the financial payback and the economic dividend of investing in integrated landscapes – if done properly – are rewarding.

  5. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    January, 2011

    Los impactos del cambio clima?tico se hicieron ma?s evidentes en las u?ltimas de?cadas especialmente por la intensa quema de combustibles fo?siles que causo? la frecuencia e intensidad de los feno?menos naturales. Varios pai?ses se ven afectados por estos impactos, siendo algunos ma?s vulnerables que otros tal es el caso de la Repu?blica de Chile. Uno de sus efectos ma?s importantes es la disminucio?n de glaciares que no so?lo generara?

  6. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2011

    Este artículo presenta una reflexión sobre las causas de la concentración de la tierra en Colombia, y la importancia de la reforma agraria en su contribución al desarrollo en el contexto del actual Plan de Desarrollo “Prosperidad para Todos”. El argumento central es que la tenencia de la tierra por motivos especulativos presenta una alta preferencia del público que destina sus recursos a esta, antes que a la adquisición de activos productivos, sacrificando así el desarrollo y el bienestar de la sociedad.

  7. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    June, 2011

    En una de las regiones más diversas del Ecuador, la Región Amazónica específicamente en las provincias de Orellana y Pastaza, se encuentra una de las áreas protegidas más significativas del país, el Parque Nacional Yasuní (PNY) declarado como tal en julio de 1979. Diez años más tarde, la importancia de esta zona llegó a ser reconocida a nivel internacional, cuando en 1989 la UNESCO proclamó al parque y sus alrededores como reserva de biósfera.

  8. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    August, 2011

    ... Pyoe Pin is a programme aimed at strengthening civil society in Myanmar. The programme is supported by DFID, the British Department for International Cooperation and implemented through the British council in partnership with local NGOs. Community Forestry (CF) is a key element of the programme, as it is seen as pathway to increasing the participation of civil society in influencing policy and practice with regards to communities. access and sustainable use of forestry land. CF can also improve forestry conservation and enhance the livelihoods of

  9. Library Resource
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2011

    This policy brief has been written with the aim of familiarizing you with the problems of the landless and the controversies, gaps and inconsistencies plaguing land reform in India today,focusing particularly on the redistributive structure of land reform.

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