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    Reports & Research
    October, 2017

    Date : 2017

    Source : Foncier & Développement

    Les membres de Coordination SUD dénoncent l’accaparement des terres, de l’eau et des autres ressources naturelles liées à l’alimentation. Ils ont consacré à ce problème l’une des premières publications de la commission Agriculture et alimentation (C2A), le traitant comme une menace pour la sécurité alimentaire.

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    Insights and challenges from field practice of land conflicts.

    Policy Papers & Briefs
    September, 2017

    A constitutional amendment bill has been tabled before Parliament with the primary aim of overhauling the Constitutional Right to Protection from deprivation of property (Article 26).

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    Men displaced from Shangil Tobaya farm rented land for the rainy season in Dali, close to Tawila in the Sudanese state of North Darfur. They are part of a community of displaced persons who have set up camp in Dali, fleeing the heavy fighting that took pl

    Opportunities for Learning on Land Governance and Agricultural Investment in Africa

    Policy Papers & Briefs
    October, 2017

    The Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND) Challenge Fund supports innovative partnerships between non-profit organisations and agricultural investors with the goal of encouraging responsible agricultural investment. The £3.65 million fund is a core component of DFID’s LEGEND programme.

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    October, 2017

    O presente relatório inscreve-se nas actividades desenvolvidas no âmbito do Projecto GCP/MOZ/069/NET, estabelecido entre a Organização das Nações Unidas para a Agricultura e a Alimentação (FAO) e o Governo da República de Moçambique, cujo objectivo geral é o de apoiar a implementação de três diplomas legais recentes e inovadores no ordenamento jurídico moçambicano: a Lei de Terras, a Lei do Ambiente e a Lei das Florestas e Fauna Bravia.
    Este objectivo geral desdobra-se em quatro objectivos específicos, assim escalonados:

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