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    Reports & Research
    July, 2018
    Middle Africa, Cameroon

    Date: 25 novembre 2019

    Source: FarmlandgrabGreenpeace

    Par: Tal Harris

    L’enquête de Greenpeace met en lumière les violations des droits humains par Halcyon Agri.

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    Oil palm in Africa FR.png
    Reports & Research
    September, 2018
    Africa, Global

    Date: 18 novembre 2019

    Source: Foncier & Développement; GRAIN

    GRAIN, L’Alliance contre les plantations industrielles en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre, septembre 2019

  3. Library Resource

    Annual Report for 2017-2018

    Conference Papers & Reports
    June, 2019
    South Africa

    The South African Cities Network (SACN) EPWP Reference Group is a peer-based platform, comprising key city officials responsible for implementing the EPWP in their respective cities. This collective has continued to meet quarterly over the 2017/18 period, providing a forum in which experiences and knowledge are exchanged. The Reference Group continues to contribute to enhancing coordination between the cities and other role players towards the effective and synergistic implementation of the EPWP.

  4. Library Resource
    Contested aquaculture development in the protected mangrove forests of the Kapuas estuary, West Kalimantan
    Peer-reviewed publication
    January, 2014

    Indonesia comprises more mangroves than any other country, but also exhibits some of the highest mangrove loss rates worldwide. Most of these mangrove losses are caused by aquaculture development. Monetary valuation of the numerous ecosystem services of mangroves may contribute to their conservation.

  5. Library Resource
    May, 2018

    The current paper derives from work conducted in the context of the Revision of the Mass Housing Development

    Programme (MHDP) that the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development (MURD) commissioned to the Integrated

    Land Management Institute (ILMI) at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). The paper

    contains only publicly-available information and was prepared for public dissemination of issues related to the

    work undertaken for the Ministry in the context of this project.

  6. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    July, 2016

    The initiative to investigate the housing situation of teachers in Namibia was triggered by teacher

    Gertrude Mujoro, who discussed the matter with her fellow colleagues who brought the matter to the

    attention of the leadership of the Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN). In 2014 the Trade Union Congress

    of Namibia (TUCNA), the umbrella federation that TUN belongs to, developed a document titled

    “TUCNA Development Policy Proposals” (TUCNA, 2014), which contains a section on housing. In line

  7. Library Resource

    A study on land dynamics in the periphery of Hakha

    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2018

    The research provides a holistic overview of the key changes that affected Northern Chin society from pre-colonial times up to now in villages close to Hakha town where State penetration was stronger than in more remote

    areas. The study sheds light on the overlapping and evolving statutory and customary land systems and on the issues faced by contemporary Chin communities as they seek to govern land and natural resources.

  8. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books

    Tradicionalmente en la Argentina, la ecología forestal y la silvicultura han marchado en general por caminos separados. La información ecológica apropiada puede ser aprovechada para un mejor manejo del bosque. La especie nativa Nothofagus pumilio (n.v. lenga) y los bosques que forma en la Tierra del Fuego poseen características biológicas y ecológicas favorables y desfavorables para la producción de madera que pueden diferir si son otros los objetivos del manejo.

  9. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books

    La Amazonia es en la conciencia colectiva del planeta el espacio natural y cultural más conservado y donde es posible el desarrollo sostenible. Pero la realidad es otra: factores históricos y económicos, aunados a la codicia, la ignorancia y las erradas políticas andinas para las selvas han llevado a esta región a soportar intensos procesos de deforestación y extracción de sus recursos naturales y culturales.

  10. Library Resource
    Reports & Research

    Con el propósito de identificar el potencial de ocho comunidades indígenas y una comunidad campesina para llevar a cabo prácticas de manejo forestal comunitario, se formuló un estándar con base al enfoque de medios de vida. El estándar de PC&I se complementó con una protocolo de aplicación constituido por protocolo de entrevista semiestructurada, protocolo de observación, guías de campo y fichas por indicador.

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