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    Institutional & promotional materials
    December, 2016
    Rwanda, Egypt, Morocco, Denmark, Switzerland, United States of America, Kenya, South Africa, Yemen, Turkey, Spain, Burundi, China, Tanzania, Norway, Netherlands, Russia, Sudan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

    This study analyses Egypt’s agricultural sector and its performance over time, identifies constraints to increasing production and exports, and examines the key role of trade in inclusive agriculture development. After a review of current trends in the agricultural sector and trade policies, the study elaborates on the main pillars of Egypt’s current agricultural development strategy and the factors inhibiting growth of agricultural production and trade.

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    December, 1991

    The constitution was adopted by the National Assembly.

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    December, 1978

    The constitution was approved by the Cortes Generales and approved by the Spanish people in a referendum.

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    December, 1975

    Parliament approved the constitution before it was signed by the Speaker and published by the President in the government gazette.

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    December, 1947

    President Enrico De Nicola promulgated the constitution following its approval by a Constituent Assembly.

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    December, 1964

    The constitution was promulgated by Queen Elizabeth II through an Order in Council at independence.

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    December, 1976

    The constitution was drafted and approved by a Constituent Assembly.

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    December, 2006

    The National Assembly promulgated the constitution after adopting it and after it was approved in a national referendum.

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