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    Journal Articles & Books
    November, 2020
    Sierra Leone

    Within the framework of implementing the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (VGGT), this paper summarizes the empirical findings from three sequentially related phases of the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) VGGT programme, implemented as a pilot project in 2018. The methodology used relied first on context analysis of the critical aspects influencing and hindering women´s land rights.

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    Land Journal Volume 9 Issue 11 cover image

    Volume 9 Issue 11

    Peer-reviewed publication
    November, 2020

    Many Philippine species are at risk of extinction because of habitat loss and degradation driven by agricultural land use and land-use change. The Philippines is one of the world’s primary banana and pineapple producers. The input-intensive style of plantation agriculture for these typically exported crops has many adverse effects on the environment. While global studies have attempted to understand the biodiversity impacts of agricultural goods, there are few studies that have investigated the Philippines specifically.

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    Volume 9 Issue 10

    Peer-reviewed publication
    October, 2020
    Ghana, United Kingdom

    In West Africa, where the majority of the population relies on natural resources and rain-fed agriculture, regionally adapted agricultural land-use planning is increasingly important to cope with growing demand for land-use products and intensifying climate variability. As an approach to identify effective future land-use strategies, this study applied spatially explicit modeling that addresses the spatial connectivity between the provision of ecosystem services and agricultural land-use systems.

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    Volume 9 Issue 10

    Peer-reviewed publication
    October, 2020

    In recent years modern societies have attached a multifunctional requirement to the use of renewable resources, making their optimal sustainable management more complex. In the last decades, in many cases, this complexity is addressed by formulating management models with the help of the concepts and methods belonging to the well-known multicriteria decision-making (MCDM) paradigm. The purpose of this paper was to undertake a hermeneutic meta-analysis of the literature provided in primary journals on issues related to the management of these resources with the help of the MCDM paradigm.

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    Fresh Insights from the Land Matrix: Analytical Report II

    Reports & Research
    January, 2016

    Large-scale land acquisitions continue to be an important issue for governments, development organisations, NGOs and farmers’ organisations all over the world; this remains the case even in times of global economic slowdown, recession and crisis. The scale of this trend and its significant impacts on rural transformation and livelihoods make it necessary to further monitor, observe and positively influence such deals wherever possible.

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    Country Report Sri Lanka

    Land-use change and forestry at the national and sub-national level

    Reports & Research
    April, 2011
    Sri Lanka

    In this report the authors aim to assess and evaluate historic and current changes in land use and forestry at the national and sub-national level in Sri Lanka. Different drivers, policies and data related to forest and land use are assessed to explore factors that have contributed to changes.

    These are the main conclusions of the report:

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    Land Tenure Considerations in Sri Lanka’s Proposed National REDD+ Strategy
    Conference Papers & Reports
    April, 2016
    Sri Lanka

    At the request of the Sri Lankan Government an assessment was designed and conducted as part of the development of the country’s national strategy on REDD+.  The assessment involved applying criteria from the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries, and Forests (VGGT) to analyze the tenure implications for a wide array of proposed policies and measures (PAMs) to address deforestation and forest degradation.  The assessment will help Sri Lanka to prioritize and make investment decisions among the PAMs.

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    Volume 9 Issue 9

    Peer-reviewed publication
    September, 2020

    Monitoring of irrigated land cover is important for both resource managers and farmers. An operational approach is presented to use the satellite-derived surface temperature and vegetation cover in order to distinguish between irrigated and non-irrigated land. Using an iterative thresholding procedure to minimize within-class variance, the bilevel segmentation of surface temperature and vegetation cover was achieved for each irrigation period (Spring, Summer and Autumn).

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    Reports & Research
    October, 2019
    Papua New Guinea

    In 2017, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) commissioned a gender assessment of the agriculture and rural sector in Papua New Guinea. The assessment was carried out in consultation with the Women in Agriculture Development Unit (WiADU) of the National Department of Agriculture and Livestock (NDAL), in line with FAO- Papua New Guinea’s continued commitment to support the Government of Papua New Guinea.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    August, 2020

    In the six months since the coronavirus began its global spread, more than 15 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and more than 600,000 have perished, causing governments around the world to institute lockdowns and shut down businesses while entire industries have been devastated.

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