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    August, 2014

    The objective of this policy note on
    land is to assist the Government of Moldova in improving the
    effectiveness of land management in agriculture, with a view
    to enhancing the sector's contribution to
    Moldova's economic growth and poverty reduction
    objectives. The note reviews the progress that has been
    made to date on land reform in Moldova, and provides
    rigorous economic analysis of the impacts of the reforms and

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    May, 2014

    The authors use data from Ethiopia to
    empirically assess determinants of participation in land
    rental markets, compare these to those of administrative
    land reallocation, and make inferences on the likely impact
    of households' expectations regarding future
    redistribution. Results indicate that rental markets
    outperform administrative reallocation in terms of
    efficiency and poverty. Households who have part-time jobs

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    May, 2014

    The extent to which households should be
    allowed to transfer their land rights in post-socialist
    transition economies is of considerable policy interest. The
    authors use data from Vietnam, a transition country that
    allows rental and sales of land use rights, to identify
    factors conducive to the development of land markets and to
    assess the extent to which land transfers enhance productive
    efficiency and transfer land to the poor. They find that

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    August, 2014

    The decollectivization of agriculture in
    Vietnam was a crucial step in the country's transition
    to a market economy. But the assignment of land use rights
    had to be decentralized, and local cadres ostensibly had the
    power to corrupt this process. The authors assess the
    realized land allocation against explicit counterfactuals,
    including the simulated allocation implied by a competitive
    market-based privatization. The authors find that 95-99

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    January, 2014

    This paper is a post-conference summary
    of the International Conference on Land Policy Reform that
    took place in Jarkarta from July 25-27, 2000. The paper
    concerns best practice in land administration systems. While
    the paper is focussed on world's best practice, it does
    so in the context of developing and emerging industrial
    countries such as Indonesia which have diverse land tenure
    relationships ranging from areas in cities with active land

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    April, 2014

    The authors examine the impact of land
    reform in Vietnam which gives households the power to
    exchange, transfer, lease, inherit, and mortgage their
    land-use rights. The authors expect this change to increase
    the incentives as well as the ability to undertake long-term
    investments on the part of households. Their
    difference-in-differences estimation strategy takes
    advantage of the variation across provinces in the issuance

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    August, 2014

    While liberalizing key factor markets is
    a crucial step in the transition from a socialist
    control-economy to a market economy, the process can be
    stalled by imperfect information, high transaction costs,
    and covert resistance from entrenched interests. The authors
    study land-market adjustment in the wake of Vietnam's
    reforms aiming to establish a free market in land-use rights
    following de-collectivization. Inefficiencies in the initial

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    August, 2014

    The authors develop a model of land
    leasing with agents characterized by unobserved
    heterogeneity in ability and presence of an off-farm labor
    market. In this case, decentralized land rental may
    contribute to equity and efficiency goals and may have
    several advantages over administrative reallocation. The
    extent to which this is true empirically is explored using
    data from three of China's poorest provinces. The

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    June, 2014

    The goal of this report is to take stock
    of the existing evidence on the impact of the Comprehensive
    Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) on poverty, to examine the
    current challenges that an extension of CARP would face, and
    to suggest directions toward achieving progress on land
    reform given the financial and policy constraints faced by
    the program. The report starts by examining the nature and
    relevance of the challenges that an extension of the land

  10. Library Resource
    August, 2014

    The main objective of the Egypt Public
    Land Management Strategy is to provide the Government of
    Egypt (GOE) with practical and politically feasible policy
    recommendations to reform existing public land management
    policies and practices in the aim of improving the business
    climate in Egypt. This study is presented in two volumes:
    Volume one with the main policy note, supported by Volume
    two with background notes on access to public land by

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