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    Journal Articles & Books
    February, 2019
    Qatar, Bangladesh, Honduras, United States of America, Germany, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jordan, Tanzania, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Iraq, China, India, Iran, Philippines, Nicaragua, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Malta, Brazil, Global

    Water - Source of food security. World Food Day: 16 October 2002.<p></p>Water and food security are intimately connected. Many of the over 800 million people in the world who still go hungry live in water-scarce regions. When FAO launched its Special Programme for Food Security in 1994, it was well aware that limited access to water was often a major constraint to increasing food production.

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    Institutional & promotional materials
    April, 2018
    Kenya, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Gambia, Fiji, Haiti, Italy, Tanzania, Senegal, Ethiopia, Niger

    Fact sheet on capacity development actvities of Action Against Desertification. Action Against Desertification is an initiative of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) in support of the Great Green Wall initiative and UNCCD national action programmes to combat desertification, implemented by FAO and partners with funding of the European Union.

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    National Policies
    July, 2002

    El Plan Forestal Español es un instrumento estratégico de alcance nacional cuyo objeto es estructurar las acciones necesarias para el desarrollo de una política forestal española basada en los siguientes principios: a) desarrollo sostenible (mediante la ordenación de los montes y el impulso de la selvicultura, según directrices que recojan los criterios e indicadores paneuropeos para la gestión sostenible de los ecosistemas forestales); b) multifuncionalidad de los montes; c) contribución a la cohesión territorial a través del desarrollo rural, fijando población y empleo, mejorando el entor

  4. Library Resource
    National Policies
    August, 2008

    El objetivo fundamental del Programa de Acción Nacional contra la Desertificación (PAND) es contribuir al logro del desarrollo sostenible de las zonas áridas, semiáridas y subhúmedas secas del territorio nacional y, en particular, la prevención o la reducción de la degradación de las tierras, la rehabilitación de tierras parcialmente degradadas y la recuperación de tierras desertificadas.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2006

    In the turmoil of a rapidly changing economy the Albanian government needs accurate and timely information for management of their natural resources and formulation of land-use policies. The transformation of the forestry sector has required major changes in the legal, regulatory and management framework.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    July, 2016
    Kenya, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Gambia, Fiji, Haiti, Italy, Senegal, Ethiopia, Niger

    Capacity development is at the heart of Action Against Desertification’s efforts to combat land degradation, desertification and drought. A capacity development strategy is in place to strengthen the capacities of individuals and organizations in sustainable land management and restoration, and to support the establishment of an enabling policy and legal environment at local, national, and regional level to increase the impact and ensure sustainability of activities carried out under Action Against Desertification.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2009
    Fiji, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Germany, Sri Lanka, Norway, Iceland, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, India, Maldives, Gabon, Papua New Guinea

    This study provides an introduction to the right to food and human rights principles in international law, explores the relationship between international fisheries instruments and the right to food and seeks to identify components that are considered important for the implementation of the right to food in fisheries legislation.

  8. Library Resource
    National Policies
    Montenegro, Europe, Southern Europe

    The National Forest Policy of Montenegro is a national sectoral policy whose main objectives are: a) to ensure and improve long-term resistance and productivity of forests and other ecosystems; b) to ensure the maintenance of plant and animal species; c) to ensure sustainable forest administration and sustainable implementation of social, economic and environmental forest functions; d) to ensure the contribution of forests to social and economic development of rural areas; e) to ensure long-term development and competitiveness of wood industry.

  9. Library Resource
    Serbia, Europe

    The Law regulates planning, protection, control, care and proper use of agricultural land and soil, supervision over correct application of this Law, development and other questions that are essential for use and share of agricultural lands as a common interest good.This Law creates the Directing Commission for Agricultural Land, as a group inside the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management, which shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this Law.The Law consists of 11 Chapters, divided into 96 articles: General provisions (I); Planning of protection, ca

  10. Library Resource
    National Policies
    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    The Strategy for the Development of the Forestry and Pastures Sector in Albania is a national strategy with a sectoral approach, whose objectives are: a) protection of forests, pastures and biodiversity; b) encouragement and maintenance of the sustainable management of forests and pastures; c) consolidation of linkages with the market economy; d) involvement of local stakeholders and users in the development of the forestry sector; e) institutional and legal reform of the forestry sector at national and local level.

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