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  1. Library Resource
    May, 2016

    This Decree, consisting of 4 Chapters, regulates the selection process for the families beneficiary of the National Agrarian Reform. This Decree specifies the following issues: the selection of families candidates for being beneficiaries of the National Agrarian Reform Programme - PNRA, the verification of the beneficiary's conditions for staying in the Programme and the illegal occupation of the settlement projects, the provisional and definitive titling of the granted plots and the allocation of the remaining areas belonging to the land reform settlement projects.

  2. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2010
    Brazil, Ecuador, Peru

    Between 2005 and 2009, the EU-financed project ForLive set out to analyse promising local forest management initiatives in the Amazon Basin in four countries: Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. Researchers aimed to identify locally viable practices that benefit livelihoods and ecological stabilisation of landscapes, as well as to define ways to promote these practices as a basis for sound rural development. This book presents lessons learnt from more than 100 studies by researchers from Latin America, from practitioners and from local families themselves.

  3. Library Resource
    Mozambique, Eastern Africa, Africa

    This Decree approves the Regulation of Land Act; right of use and conditions for exploiting public lands. It consists of 16 chapters and 2 annexes divided as follows: Definition of different lands and land uses (Chap. 1); Requirements for obtaining land use authorization (2); Competencies of entitled authorities (3); Rights and obligations (4-9); Protection areas (10); Family land exploitation (11); Registration (12-14); Sanctions (15); Final provisions (16). Annexes list model forms for requesting a land use concession.

  4. Library Resource
    Brazil, Americas, South America

    This Act creates the Fund for Lands and Agricultural Reform - 'Banco da Terra' aimed to give financial assistance in order to enforce rural programmes. It consists of 14 articles specifying the requirements to be satisfied in order to obtain these incentives for agricultural development. Beneficiaries of this financial assistance programme are: farmers non-owners (working under concession, leasing, etc. for more than 5 years in agro-zootechnics); owners of agricultural lands for family sustenance (according to article 4 of Law No. 4.504 of 30 November 1964).

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