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    June, 2010

    This Regulation sets forth technical and administrative procedures and principles to prevent soil contamination, locate the contaminated areas and sectors, and to monitor and clean the contaminated soil and sites in line with the sustainable development goals.

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    National Policies
    Turkey, Western Asia, Asia

    The Ninth Development Plan is a national plan with a sectoral approach covering the period 2007–2013. The main objectives of the Plan are: a) increasing competitiveness, b) increasing employment, c) strengthening human development and social solidarity, d) ensuring regional development, e) increasing quality and effectiveness in public services. The Plan also aims at protecting the environment and improving urban infrastructure, making agricultural structures more efficient and promoting the development of rural areas.Food security is among the specific objectives of the Plan.

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    Gida, Tarim Ve Hayvancilik Bakanliği Merkez Teşkilati Görev Yönergesi.

    Turkey, Western Asia, Asia

    The provisions of this Directive are governed by the Minister of Food Agriculture and Livestock. This Directive sets forth the duties, powers and responsibilities of each central unit of the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock and provides for the division of their duties, powers and responsibilities to avoid conflict of powers and overlap of duties.

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