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    April, 2016
    South-Eastern Asia, Cambodia




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    Reports & Research
    January, 2016

    The Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) approach, which is still in its nascent stages of development, is rapidly gaining attention as a more appropriate way to restore both degraded forests as well as the surrounding degraded landscape. The great value of this approach is that it integrates forest restoration actions with the desirable objectives of the landscape, and it is undertaken with the full participation of the people who will have a role in the management of the restored areas over the longer term.

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    Reports & Research
    January, 2016

    The degradation of forests is a threat to both the functioning of ecosystems and the well-being of human communities. Nations have for several years grappled with the challenge of finding ways of restoring forest landscapes that suit the ecological constraints of particular sites as well as the socio-economic circumstances of the landowners or land users, and ensure resilience under various future uncertainties. Forest landscape restoration is a feasible option through which these challenges can be addressed.

  4. Library Resource
    July, 2016

    This Regulation consisting of 19 articles aims to regulate provisions on short-term and long-term plans to combat the harmful effects of dust in the country. The Regulation establishes the Committee to Combat Dust under the supervision of the Department of Environment.

  5. Library Resource
    May, 2016

    This Regulation sets forth principles and procedures of works and operations regarding private and public forests. This Regulation includes provisions on management and conservation of private and public forests, forest cadastre, forest planning, inspection, environmental impact assessment, as well as permit processes for works and operations regarding private and public forests.

    Implements: Forest Law No. 6831. (1956-08-31)
    Implements: Law No. 3234 on the General Directorate of Forests (OGM). (1985-10-31)

  6. Library Resource
    May, 2016

    This Act provides rules for the prospecting for and mining of minerals specified in the First Schedule to this Act. Save to the extent provided for in this Act, it shall not apply to matters relating to petroleum and hydrocarbon gases. The Cabinet Secretary responsible for mining, the Principal Secretary of the responsible ministry and any person shall be guided by the values and principles enshrined in the Constitution and in particular Articles 10, 66 (2), 201 (c) and (d), and 232 of the Constitution and the principles of leadership and integrity.

  7. Library Resource
    National Policies
    June, 2016

    The National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan is a cross-sectoral national strategic document of Grenada for the period of 2016-2020. Its main objective is to provide a holistic and practical framework for actions on conservation and sustainable use of national biodiversity for enhanced human wellbeing and livelihoods.The strategic priorities to achieve the objective are enhanced national capacity for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use and key national ecosystems restored and sustainably managed.

  8. Library Resource
    National Policies
    November, 2016

    Based on the review of the Agricultural Sector Strategy of 2014-2016, and the National Policy Agenda, the National Development Plan (2017-2022) prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture is a nation-wide sectoral document consisting of two key components. The first component is the national policy agenda, which sets out the national vision, priorities and policies.

  9. Library Resource
    National Policies
    January, 2016
    Ivory Coast

    La vision globale du Plan d’Investissement Forestier (PIF) est de : restaurer la productivité des ressources forestières et de les gérer de manière durable ; créer des incitations ; sécuriser le régime foncier et les droits d'accès aux terres en vue de créer un environnement propice à la transformation ; et mettre en œuvre l’agriculture zéro déforestation pour réduire la pression sur les forêts et améliorer les moyens de subsistance.Pour la réalisation de cette vision, quatre (4) objectifs spécifiques ont été identifiés, notamment: Restaurer, protéger et surveiller les forêts naturelles dan

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