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    A Bumpy Recovery

    Reports & Research
    Training Resources & Tools
    June, 2010
    Russia, Europe, Central Asia

    Amid heightened global uncertainties, Russia is experiencing a bumpy recovery. Domestic demand is rising, but unemployment remains high, and credit and investment remain limited. The budget has benefited from higher oil prices, but fiscal consolidation remains important in the medium term. Crumbling infrastructure, especially in transport, could hamper the economy's competitiveness and longer-term growth prospects. The debt crisis in Western Europe sharpens the downside risks to global recovery and oil prices.

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    July, 2013
    Asia, Central Asia, Europe

    This report reviews the status of the 28
    countries of Europe and Central Asia (ECA) with respect to
    the environmental Millennium Development Goal (MDG). The aim
    of this goal is to 'ensure environmental
    sustainability,' which is elaborated by a set of three
    targets and eight indicators. The indicators for the
    environment MDG are important not only as measures of
    environmental sustainability, but also as contributors to

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    Об утверждении Правил перевода земель лесного фонда в земли других категорий для целей, не связанных с ведением лесного хозяйства Постановление Правительства Республики Казахстан от 1 августа 2012 года № 1015.

    Kazakhstan, Russia, Central Asia

    This Ministerial Decree establishes that transfer of forestland to land of other categories for purposes not related to forestry shall be authorized exclusively in the presence of positive conclusions of state environmental audit. Authorization for transfer shall be issued in the following cases: (a) impossibility of land tenure in accordance with previously established purposeful use of land; (b) modification of the boundaries of inhabited (urban) areas; and (c) classification of land as protected area.

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    Russia, Uzbekistan, Asia, Central Asia

    This Decree establishes the modalities of land-use planning in urban areas. It includes also afforestation in urban areas. Land-use planning in urban areas shall be exclusive competence of the local self-government that must ensure organization and implementation of land-use planning in accordance with sanitary norms and regulations. Land-use planning includes creation of green areas, amenity forests and protection forests in urban areas. Deployment of waterworks and urban irrigation systems shall be integral part of land-use planning activity.

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