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    Challenges and Opportunities

    Reports & Research
    Training Resources & Tools
    December, 2011

    This report analyzes in some detail the risks to project finance and the performance of real-sector investments. Options, futures, derivatives, foreign exchange and more exotic instruments are not specifically addressed. The objectives of institutional investors, such as pension funds, include creation of sustained revenues over a long period of time. Clearly, given this long-term perspective, institutional investors need to be particularly aware of growing risks to their investments in climatically sensitive sectors or regions.

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    Implementation of the 1991 Forest Strategy in IFC's Projects

    Reports & Research
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    June, 2000

    This study is based on: (i) a review of all the forest-based investments approved by IFC during FY85-98 to identify the changes induced in IFC operations on a ‘before/after strategy’ basis; (ii) a review of selected non-forest infrastructure projects supported by IFC in FY92-98 which potentially have impacts on forests; (iii) a review of selected financial intermediary investments approved in FY92-98 to assess evidence of adherence by the intermediaries and their IFC-funded sub-projects to the requirements of the forest strategy; and (iv) case studies on a sample of 14 forest-based companie

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    July, 2015

    This issue includes the following
    headings: seeds and soil: smallholder agriculture;
    innovation: pairing commercial buyers with rural producers;
    grain storage: a ready role for public-private partnerships
    (PPPs); agricultural clusters: powering Africas agricultural
    potential; and interviews: AgDevCo, bill and Melinda gates
    foundation, earth policy institute.

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    April, 2014

    The major environmental and social
    management challenges that we face today, climate change,
    loss of biodiversity, the decline of ocean fisheries,
    limitations on food security, the scarcity of usable
    freshwater resources, displacement of communities with
    consequent increases in urban poverty, and inviability of
    traditional local livelihoods, are all the result of
    cumulative impacts from a large number of activities that

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