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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 2016

    Drawing on feminist and development literature, this paper suggests several important lessons and considerations for building equitable approaches to REDD+. Specifically, we illustrate the conceptual and practical significance of women’s participation for achieving the goals of REDD+as well as the limits and opportunities for gendering participation in REDD+.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2016
    Namibia, Ghana, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, China, Global


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    Reports & Research
    March, 2016

    Oxfam India is part of a global movement working to fight poverty, injustice and inequality; in India it works in seven focus state. Oxfam India aims to improve poor people’s access, rights and entitlements over land and natural resources in order to support and augment their livelihoods. Through its programme on smallholder agriculture, Oxfam India focuses on socialising the identity of women as farmers, strengthening the economic leadership of women farmers, ensuring their land rights and making public investments in agriculture accessible to small farmers, especially women farmers.

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    Reports & Research
    March, 2016

    Large-scale agricultural investments impact upon men and women in different ways, yet women’s voices and interests are not always heard in decisions about land.

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    Detailed Analysis and Background Documents

    Reports & Research
    Training Resources & Tools
    May, 2016

    This report responds to a request from the Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) and Dr. Mari Alkatiri. The request was for World Bank assistance to collaborate on a range of studies relating to opportunities in the special economic zone, including community development, trade and competitiveness, and regional integration. The analysis builds on a situation analysis prepared by the Zona Especial de Economia Social de Mercado (ZEESM) authority in March 2014.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2016

    Development projects bring tremendous changes in patterns of use of land, water, and other natural resources which leads to a range of resettlement effects. This process of economic and social dislocation most often exacerbates existing gender disparities and inequalities in affected areas. When gender differences are overlooked in project planning phase, projects are unlikely to respond to women’s need and may even have negative consequences.

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    Climate change and agriculture: Strengthening the role of smallholders cover image
    Peer-reviewed publication
    March, 2016

    Smallholder farmers have a vital role to play in global food security and nutrition, and in supporting a range of development and climate change goals. Strengthening the resilience and commercial viability of these farmers, particularly women and youth, can increase their capacity to contribute to these global goals.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    July, 2016

    As desigualdades de desenvolvimento e suas dinâmicas possuem razões políticas, económicas e sociais de longa duração. Estes factores influenciam os percursos históricos sobre as quais as políticas económicas e os poderes políticos procuram influenciar conjunturalmente sem que, na maioria dos casos, sejam efectivas mudanças fundamentais nas sociedades.
    As desigualdades sociais e territoriais têm implicações sobre a estrutura e as dinâmicas do crescimento/desenvolvimento económico, sobre a estabilidade política e social e sobre a sustentabilidade ambiental, entre outros aspectos.

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